How to choose a wardrobe for a full woman

The woman's desire to look spectacular and attractive does not depend on her mood, age, shape or weight. Alas, the body of most of us does not correspond to model parameters in any way. But with the help of properly chosen clothes of the right style and color, any lady, even with magnificent shapes, can become effective and elegant.

The main thing is to emphasize the dignity ...

Many ladies with magnificent shapes can boast of a large and beautiful breasts. This is their important advantage, which should not be hidden. V-shaped cut on clothes will not only advantageously emphasize the beauty of the breast, but also help distract the people from attention to other, more problematic areas of the body. In addition, this cutout visually draws the silhouette, making it slimmer.

... and hide the shortcomings

The classic combination of dark bottom and white top is perfect for women with lush shapes. Very often ladies do not know how to adjust the wide thighs - "riding breeches." Light blouse, attracting more attention, easily removes the interlocutor's eyes from the lower, heavier part of the female figure, which can be visually lightened with a straight skirt of black or dark blue. For those women who have a full stomach combined with rather slender legs, silhouettes with an overstated waist in the same color combination will do.

At full beauties look good outfits with a minimum of details. All kinds of frills, flounces and multi-layer draperies make the image heavier. The same applies to overhead pockets.

Even if the fullness of the legs allows you to wear relatively short skirts, they should not be larger than the palm above the knee joint, otherwise the figure will become disproportionately heavy from above. Particular emphasis should be placed on the choice of tights. They need to choose the most dense (not to be confused with thick!). Large sizes often have additional corrective inserts in the abdomen and thighs, which will help make the figure more taut. Tights of a dark shade (not necessarily black) very effectively mask the fullness of the legs, giving the figure more slenderness. It is worth paying attention to corrective underwear, which sometimes creates real miracles, changing the size of a woman to a smaller side.

Deep decollete will show all the advantages and distract attention from the shortcomings of

Blouses and dresses with short sleeves or without it do not go to the vast majority of magnificent beauties, showing loose hands in an unfavorable light. On the contrary, the model with a 3/4 sleeve, which is slightly flared to the bottom, helps to make even a full female handle more elegant and lighter.

The main mistake of all, without exception, complete ladies - an attempt to hide the imperfect figure behind baggy things. In fact, these outfits do not have a masking effect, often frankly disfiguring a woman and making her figure even more cumbersome. Equally it is necessary to avoid clothes with a large pattern or stripes (especially horizontal ones) that visually enlarge the figure. Uniform things do not have such shortcomings, so they should prevail in the wardrobe of lush, mouth-watering ladies.

Create an easy image is impossible without shoes on a small heel. The average height of the heel does not harm women's health, helps to straighten the posture and make the gait easier.
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