How to build a family life

Getting married, every woman pursues her goals. Someone wants to live happily with their husbands, raise children, improve their financial situation, someone leave their parents' home ... But most of us would like to build a harmonious relationship, make the house cozy and warm, without daily scandals and fights. How to do it? There are several tips from a practicing psychologist who will help "make a fairy tale happen." There is nothing supernatural in them, it seems to be ordinary things, but it's not for nothing that they say that all genius is simple.
  1. Even before marriage, talk to the groom, as you imagine a joint future. Talk about what each of you can give in a relationship, what he will expect from a partner. All this should not become an unpleasant surprise after the wedding. Otherwise, conflicts may occur in the future. If you are determined to have a big family, and would like to devote all their time to children, and not work, that he will have to keep you all, the husband should learn immediately, and not after the birth of 3 children. Are you going to build your career and are not ready to do household chores? It is better to warn about it in advance. Of course, one can rely on intuition and not talk about anything, but there is no guarantee that intuition will work.
  2. Praise each other. But do not confuse praise and flattery, find in your husband or wife something good, admire him, show unobtrusive care. Always praise the appearance of your woman, tk. in our society there are attitudes that suggest that it should look good. Even if your wife does not follow fashion trends, she will be pleased to receive a compliment.
  3. Give each other attention signs, small surprises will make your relationship warmer. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on them, it is not the material side that is important, but the very attention that is often talked about. Buy a chocolate or a bouquet of lilac to your wife, your favorite newspaper or fruit to your husband. Joy brings not only the receipt of gifts, but also their delivery.
  4. Never find out the relationship in public, especially in public places. This rule applies especially to women. For a man, the image of a reliable and respectable person is very important, therefore one should not undermine his authority in public. If this is so boiling, tell him all the houses, where there is no one.
  5. Support all ideas of a husband or wife, even if they seem stupid to you. The man is arranged in such a way that he will perceive with hostility everything new, that is why many would like to live by the old rules, without changing anything. You can not always fulfill your duty to your family, country, society, just work and do household chores. Each person should have an outlet, a hobby, it makes our life more interesting and rich. Even if the spouse spends time and money on him, it's his time and his money.
  6. Do not refuse to carry out your duties. A real man must be able to repair things and do other male work. Yes, it is much easier to call a specialist who will cope with the task much faster. But the ability to do something about the house makes a man more attractive to women, cause her respect. Even if you are not used to doing this kind of work, you can read the guide on the Internet, watch the video and do it right. As for women - learn to cook delicious, and it does not matter that in your childhood you were carefully guarded against these difficult duties. You are a wife, you are a mother, which means that you must be able to prepare a point.
These simple guidelines will help you build a harmonious family life. Performing them is not so difficult, but these are the keys to happiness, which are sometimes so necessary for us in everyday life.
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