Child development from 2 to 3 years. Speech at the fingertips

Starting a conversation about the development of a child from 2 to 3 years, it is impossible not to mention how this topic relates to me personally. I am a mother. And it sounds proud. I have two healthy, beautiful sons, who are just in this age category.

I have little experience in raising children. But I want to share what I have.

Child development from 2 to 3 years old

Today, the topic of age-related developmental features of children is 2-3 years old. I'll tell you what I achieved and what methods I used. With the eldest, and then with the younger child, moved in the following directions:
  • reading and memorizing poems;
  • English language learning;
  • modeling;
  • account up to ten;
  • Painting;
  • alphabet (the study of the alphabet).

Poems and fairy tales

Poems - replenishment of vocabulary

Reading children at night is the key to success in many ways. Among them:
  • development of fantasy in the child;
  • memory training;
  • replenishment of vocabulary;
  • the formation of ideals for inheritance.

Modeling - development of fine motor skills

I like the phrase of the famous teacher Sukhomlinsky that the child's mind is at the tips of his fingers. The same applies to the speech of the baby. What is meant? All to the impossibility of simple. There is a direct dependence of speech successes on the development of fine motor skills. And one of the most effective methods of improving the last skill is modeling. The more a child molds (from clay, plasticine, dough), the faster he speaks. Checked by personal experience.

English for children 2-3 years

It is quite possible. Foreign languages ​​are more easily remembered by children at such a young age. My eldest son (he is now 3.5 years old) knows the translation of most fruits, food and many other words. To be honest, I've already gotten used to hearing questions like "How do you do it in English?". And the child remembers. I'm amazed at the susceptibility of children's memory. It is much better perceives and processes information.

Account up to ten

Score to ten - mathematics for the youngest

First of all, the study of the account began with the memorization of a whole series of numbers from one to ten. This was the first stage.

Then I bought my son a book in which the basics of mathematical science for preschool children were revealed. This literature had one big plus - here you could find colorful pictures of figures with curls, legs, eyes. The child liked it. So we quickly learned how the figures look.

It remained a small matter. It was necessary to explain to the three-year-old the meaning of each number. We began to count. They clicked on every image - and my son did it. Now, without special difficulties, the child considers objects, fingers, legs, hands - everything that gets in his eyes.
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