Tasks for the Advent calendar

In the last article, I told how you can make the Advent calendar yourself, and now, as promised, I share ideas for him.

Cognitive tasks

Such tasks can be:
  • Reading a new book on a New Year theme. For the youngest, there will be enough of a small book, a joint picture viewing, a story about Father Frost, for example. For older children, you can take a larger book and connect additional tasks, for example, instruct you to find information about New Year and Christmas traditions of different countries. And you can go further and make a quest to find that very new book as a surprise. There is passion and excitement, and joy from the gift.
  • Reading New Year's verses and memorizing a few of them for Santa Claus.
  • Watching New Year's cartoons and movies. Such tasks can also be diversified. For example, we with children make this a kind of tradition, starting from some time instead of the usual evening cartoons watching the New Year. And for older children, you can arrange a whole New Year's cinema, making invitations to watch for friends. It is good to supplement the action with popcorn, cocktails and other attributes of the show. And everything will be fun and unusually leisure.

Tasks for preparing the house for the New Year

Undoubtedly, for the holiday the apartment needs cleaning and littering, and it will be superfluous to add to this and the kiddies.

Variants of tasks for each day for the Advent-calendar:
  • Wipe dust on all surfaces in your room;
  • To disassemble the old toys and select those that can be given to the kindergarten or orphanage;
  • Wipe the drawings on the walls;
  • Wash with soap those toys for which it is permissible;
  • Sweep or vacuum in the room.
We still necessarily decorate the entrance every year to the New Year, though, the only one of the entire entrance, but still a joy for everyone.

Creative assignments

Of course, they will become the most exciting for children of any age.

For the youngest, the following tasks are possible:
  • The modeling of plasticine New Year's characters.
  • Work with the application on a winter theme. If the child does not already own scissors, it is necessary to make paper stock beforehand.
  • Coloring coloring or drawing.
For older children:
  • Manufacturing of Christmas-tree toys with their own hands in various techniques.
  • Decoration of windows and window-sills. It can be both carved snowflakes, and some purchased stickers, the main thing is for the child to participate in the design himself. And for a window sill, you can make a whole paper town, highlighting it from within with a garland, as we did last year.
  • Preparation of a presentation or a newspaper with the brightest events of the outgoing year.
  • Joint preparation of New Year's sweets - cookies, gingerbread or tangerine jam. And tasty, and interesting! Even crumbs will be glad to make a dough out of the dough and to cut figurines with figurines - by the way, and fine motor skills develops perfectly.
And we with the eldest child last year arranged a whole New Year's party, inviting his friends. The program of the evening included a whole range of tasks: the "voyage from winter to summer" with the preparation of summer milkshakes, and the production of multi-colored candles from wax pencils, and a photo session with carnival masks, and just a game of forfeits. There was a lot of impressions! Of course, such a party can include any tasks and games to your taste, in any case, children will be happy.

In general, the options for joint leisure activities and creating a festive atmosphere are a lot, you just need not be lazy to devote this magical time to your child.

And are you preparing for the holiday with the children? What kind of job options do you use?
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