Moisturizing and nourishing cream

Constantly on the shelves of shops and pharmacies are creams for hands with unpronounceable ingredients. Each cream performs its function, one nourishes the skin of the hands, the other moisturizes, but it is sometimes difficult to determine under what circumstances it is possible to use this or that remedy. The desire to be well-groomed - it's good, but do not buy all the means and thereby harm your hands.

What is the difference between moisturizing and nourishing cream?

Before you buy a cream, it is better to understand its components and the corresponding functions. So, what is the difference between a moisturizing cream and a nutritional cream? First, let's look at the composition of creams.

Nutritious cream

The nourishing cream is thicker and thicker, similar to sour cream. Its main function is to saturate the skin with useful substances, including minerals, vitamins, oils, amino acids and proteins. In the nutritious cream of fat should be the same as in the moisturizing water, at least 70%. It is better if the composition will include vegetable or animal fats. Also, the composition of the nutrient cream can include hormones, they affect the stimulation of skin cells. It is especially important to use a product with the above components, in case the skin is problematic or oily. Similar remedies are recommended to use more mature skin, after 25 years, in those cases when it is depleted and becomes more faded.

To avoid exhaustion of the skin, nourishing cream is best used in winter or autumn, as it can perform the functions of a moisturizer, at which time the skin receives much less vitamins and this cream is the best contributor. The special composition forms a protective film, which prevents the drying of the skin, prevents bacteria from penetrating, helps maintain the water balance. But specifically to nourish the skin, the cream is best used in the summer, because at this time the skin needs food and protection from drying. It is recommended to apply a nourishing cream only for the night until 23 hours of the night, when the skin absorbs the beneficial substances best.

Moisturizing cream

Moisturizers should perform such tasks as: the introduction of moisture into the upper layers of the epidermis and the way they are retained in these layers, as well as the introduction of moisturizing components into the deep salts of the epidermis and dermis, and, again, enhancing the possibility of its retention. The moisturizing cream should contain a component that is able to retain moisture, as well as moisturizing elements glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Since glycerol often produces the opposite effect, namely it dries the skin, then because of this factor, many perfume and cosmetics firms are gradually abandoning the funds with this component. Components that help to retain moisture are vegetable and animal fats and mineral oils, in rare cases vitamins A and E appear in moisturizers, allowing the skin to regenerate. Most importantly, on a jar with a moisturizer should be written on a jar with moisturizing cream - water content of at least 70%.

Moisturizing cream should be chosen depending on the type of skin, for example for oily skin, a cream with the "demitikon" component, it prevents the formation of acne, and for a dry cream with an increased content of vitamin E. Consistency of the moisturizer is usually not thick, sometimes semi-liquid, that says a lot of water. Apply moisturizer during the day, it can be applied under make-up. But moisturizing cream should not be used in case of severe frost, as under such conditions the product loses moisture. Moisturizing creams can be completely different, most of them are used only during the day, but there are options when they can be used at night, so that the surface of the skin is supplemented, water is retained and the balance is restored. When choosing a cream for skin care, it is necessary to correctly determine what and when to use this or that remedy. Before choosing a cream, it is recommended to consult a professional beautician, so that the effect is not only positive, but also lasting.
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