Evil ancestors of kind Santa Claus

We have become accustomed to the fact that a good Father Frost comes to visit children on New Year's holidays, he listens to poetry. This character became a symbol of the holiday, no New Year tree does not pass without his participation (except for the fir-trees for kids who can scare him). It is believed that the prototype of a good old man was St. Nicholas, he once gave the three impoverished sisters valuable gifts for the Christmas holidays. But in our country there was an ancestor of Father Frost, distinguished for his uneasy character.

God of winter with the Slavs

Previously, the Slavs believed that the world is inhabited by spirits, gods and other supernatural forces. Some of them could be called winter spirits, tk. they reigned in the cold season and were completely unfriendly. They did not give gifts, but, on the contrary, they collected tribute from people. People cheated them with treats and gifts, conducted various ritual actions to prevent these spirits from sweeping the roads, freezing the winter crops, and not letting the cold into the cattle or the hut. Winter perfume also carried bags, but they were designed to collect offerings. Also, evil and cruel gods carried children away in these sacks. Who could become the prototype of a good old man?
  1. God povzvizd. In the Slavs it was the god of a hurricane and a cold wind. It was an old man with a wrinkled, angry face. He had a beard, all in ice and frost. As soon as he shook his head, hail began. In the hands of Pozvizd there was a bag of fur, in which he hid frosts, snowfalls, etc. He lived in the north. He had several sons, as evil as his father, who caused storms, destroyed houses and sank ships.
  2. Zimnik. This is also a winter deity. He was portrayed as a little gray-haired old man with a white beard. It was believed that there, when Zimnik walked, severe frosts began, so the Slavs were afraid of this spirit. You can learn it from a warm winter cloak and a mace made of iron.
  3. Karachun. He was represented as a bare-footed old man with a huge gray beard dressed in a white fur coat. According to another version, this gray-haired old man, with a heavy look and a stern face. He walks in a blue caftan decorated with white fur or in a white fur coat, without a hat. In the hands of Karachun holding a staff, with which he could cause severe frost. It comes during the winter solstice, when the winter becomes particularly cold. According to the beliefs of the Slavs Karachun commanded frosts and darkness (days at this time of year are short), if desired, could shorten the life of a person. He sent diseases, which caused convulsions. It was during the appearance of Karachun that livestock often died (due to severe frosts), so it was also called the god of the cattle case. Next to this stern god, according to the belief, there are always white wolves, which were formed from a snowstorm, birds created from a blizzard, and bears-rods made of snow blizzards. He is accompanied and souls of people who once died from frost. The snow wolves of this god feed on the unrighteous deeds of men.
As we see, the Slavic gods of winter have a difficult nature. The expert in fairy tales Vladimir Propp assures us that even Morozko, familiar to us from fairy tales, is similar in behavior to Baba-lass or lesshim: if heroes successfully pass the test of evil spirits, they are rewarded, and otherwise - they are killed.

Kind Santa Claus

Why do we have such a good-natured and friendly Father Christmas that all children love? Strangely enough, we should thank the Soviet ideologists for this. During the Soviet times they fought Christianity. One of the most important holidays for Christians, except Easter, is Christmas, which was still celebrated, at least secretly. It was necessary to come up with new characters that would distract the people's attention and take the place of their shrines. These new characters (Father Frost and Snow Maiden) soon appeared and were accepted by the people. And the trick worked. Until now, the whole world is celebrating Christmas on a big scale, and only our New Year is the main holiday. During the USSR all religious holidays were banned, and the New Year was not celebrated. But on December 28, 1935 Pavel Postyshev signed an article in which he urged people to make a good holiday for children. Prior to this, Christmas trees were banned as remnants of the bourgeois past. However Postyshev believed that this is a great entertainment for children, so it was wrong of them to refuse. In just 3 days, the first New Year holidays were organized. But they still did not have Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, they appeared only after 2 years. Most likely, Santa's prototype was Santa Claus, because it was during these years that this old man became an advertising company of the famous soda, and the whole world learned about it.

Features of our Santa Claus

Find out our Santa Claus is not so difficult, although something he looks like Santa Claus. There are several features of our good wizard:
  1. On the head of Santa Claus a warm hat with fur, no brushes or pampushkas. The hat is usually red, embroidered with ornaments. In shape - poluoval, in front there is a triangular notch.
  2. He wears a fur coat. At first she was blue, but then she became beautiful, like his foreign colleague. Fur coats of these two colors are admissible. The fur coat is long, various patterns can be embroidered on it.
  3. He must gird his sash.
  4. His hands are covered with mittens embroidered with silver.
  5. On the legs must be felt boots.
  6. He does not ride reindeer. Grandfather or walks on foot, leaning on his staff, or jumps on a harnessed troika, can run on skis.
  7. He has a staff in his hands. With him it is easier to walk on snowdrifts. Besides, it was with this staff that he once froze people.
On the one hand, it's amazing that such a good character as Santa Claus has such an unattractive biography. Not only that, by nature, our Morozko was far from an angelic character, he also became a symbol of the New Year only because it was necessary to distract people from the celebration of Christmas. But, nevertheless, I want to say thank you to all those who came up with this fabulous image. He was loved by millions of our compatriots, now it is difficult to imagine New Year holidays without this, now a kind Grandfather and his assistant, Snow Maiden. Fortunately, the time when they believed in evil spirits and coaxed them with gifts, is left behind, modern people are no longer afraid of frosts, respectively, and Morozko can now be a good magician who fulfills children's dreams.
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