Top 5 kefir ingredients that help us lose weight

Kefir diet for weight loss - one of the simplest and most effective diets, allowing you to lose up to a kilogram per day. It is enough for a few days to take one kefir, which not only blocks the feeling of hunger, but also improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, this sour-milk drink is cheap and affordable to most.

The main nutrients in kefir

Kefir, yogurt and yogurt contain a large amount of water - about 90% . By this indicator kefir differs little from the products of vegetable origin, and can compete with many fruits and berries.

The second component, contained in kefir in large quantities, are carbohydrates . They reach up to 4%, but lactose (milk sugar) is not absorbed in most of the inhabitants of South-East Asia, the Chinese, part of the Slavs, so they should be approached with caution in choosing a kefir diet. To eat better is not very fresh kefir, in which milk sugar has been processed by bacteria into lactic acid.

The third by number of components is fat . On average, they are between 3.2 and 3.5%, but manufacturers reduce the percentage of fat in some products to 1. This drink will lead to a good result, and the pounds will go away quickly, but not always such a sharp decrease in weight is positive for the body.

The fourth place is proteins . Their average is 2.8%, and in skimmed yogurt they are more than 3%. Proteins themselves are easily digested, but in kefir, if it is a natural product, they are already partially digested, which greatly facilitates the task for the body. Digestion of proteins is accelerated to 1.5 hours. Along with this, the appearance or exacerbation of dysbiosis is prevented, as it often happens against the background of other diets, especially protein ones. Natural kefir maintains a corroborative microflora of the intestine and has a harmful effect on pathogenic microbes .

The fifth important component of kefir is potassium . Its almost 150 ml per 100 g of product, and 1200 ml of kefir will provide a daily body requirement. Coupled with sodium, the dairy product has a diuretic effect , leading to a reduction in weight.

Additional useful substances

This component is, so to speak, the "gray cardinal", which has no direct effect on weight loss, but allows you to save the result of the diet for a long time. It's calcium . It is contained in the amount of 125 mg per 100 g of kefir, and to fill the daily rate, only 700 ml of the drink will be needed.

In energy metabolism, a substance such as phosphorus is very important. It depends on him how many days, without special efforts, you can hold on to a diet. It is contained in an amount of 90 mg per 100 g of kefir. Daily demand - 1 liter of sour-milk drink.

It is not worth saving here. Of course, you can consume just one liter of kefir per day or one and a half. The difference is small, but very significant. On 1 liter it is very difficult to hold out a longer time, while 1.5 liters will give a gain in time. Let the weight will go daily in a small amount, but you can stay on the diet for a longer period. Phosphorus is an invariable component in adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP). This is the main compound that the body accumulates "in reserve", to spend later on both the background metabolism and additional energy expenditure. This allows you, sitting on a diet, to engage in small power loads.

Also kefir contains magnesium in an amount of 14 mg per 100 g of product.

All these, both basic and additional components that affect effective weight loss, allow you to lose weight without harm to the body.
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