Cleaning the energy of the house by Feng Shui

To attract prosperity, love, harmony, you can use the knowledge that gives us the ancient teachings of feng shui. Even if you are skeptical about such things, you can try to apply them in practice. Worse from this will not be, on the contrary, your house will become more cozy and beautiful. To bring Feng Shui apartments in order, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations.

We get rid of unnecessary

If the house has too many things, furniture, it will never be attractive, there will be a feeling of stuffiness and chaos. To make the apartment cozy, you need to go through all the things and leave only those that are indispensable.
  1. Get rid of unnecessary trash. Conduct an audit of your house, throw out of it all unnecessary: ​​old clothes, piles of newspapers or magazines, unnecessary trinkets and other things that you do not use every day.
  2. Examine everything in the house and select the broken or old items. With them, you need to do something: either fix it or throw it away. If a thing seems good to you, you can donate it or take it to where it will be of use.
  3. Get rid of all the things that are unpleasant to you, even if they are gifts from loved ones. You took a gift once, sincerely thanked for it, but you do not have to keep it at home, you can find this thing worthy of use. All items in the house should bring only joy, so without regret part with those that are unpleasant to you. This will help bring about positive changes.
  4. Go through the books in your house. If they lie on bookshelves for years, they eventually become a source of harmful stagnant energy. Leave those books that you often re-read, love, take the rest to the library or give to friends. If you have valuable old publications stored in your house, you do not want to get rid of them, then open them at least once every two months, rearrange, flip through them, etc.
  5. It remains to make cleaning. Throw a little salt into the water and wipe all the corners with a rag. Wipe off the dust, open the windows and ventilate the apartment.
What should be the result of this careful cleaning? First, your house will become clean and cozy, and secondly, you do not just clean up the house, but clean up space for new energy that will bring abundance and joy to the house. If you have any problems, can not complete an important matter, take a rag and start cleaning some device. Such cleaning should bring joy, think about how soon everything will turn out well for you. After a while you will feel light in the soul, believe in the best, and all the obstacles will disappear by themselves.

Perfect order in the kitchen is a pledge of a good life in the house

We clean up the kitchen

To attract favorable energy to the house, it is important to maintain the perfect order in the kitchen. What exactly is worth paying attention to?
  1. The stove, sink and refrigerator should not stand next to each other, because a conflict of energies is possible: Fire (plate) and Water (refrigerator and sink). This can cause financial distress, quarrels and conflicts.
  2. Keep the fridge clean, it should shine inside and out. All old products, stale pieces immediately discard. The refrigerator should only be filled with fresh food.
  3. Keep track of the state of the plate. It should be clean, carefully wipe its surface, leaving no dirt and grease. Do not put old pans inside the stove, do not litter it, it is a symbol of well-being in the family. Try to use all the burners on your plate, even if you prefer to ignite only 1 or 2. Standing burners on the stove are a bad feng shui.
  4. Wash all dishes immediately after eating, she should not lie for hours in the sink, waiting until the landlady finds time to clean.
  5. Take care that the bin does not overflow. It is advisable to throw out garbage every day, but not late in the evening, and up to 20 hours. Buy a trash can with a lid.
These simple tips will help you change your life for the better. If you follow all of these recommendations, you will feel a surge of strength, it will become easy on the soul. The atmosphere in the house will also change: relatives will become less irritable, you will forget about quarrels. Your house will become a source of good mood and joy, all your cherished desires will gradually come true.
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