Top-5 best New Year's films

On the eve of the New Year, and the festive mood yet? Then you need to take action urgently! Touching stories, fascinating adventures and incendiary comedies will help to feel the charm of the holiday.


Painting by Alexander Rowe, filmed in 1964, still occupies the top lines of the tops of the best New Year's films. Every year a fairy tale is watched with pleasure in Russia, the countries of the near abroad and Eastern Europe. In Czechoslovakia the film became a cult: after its show in the country began to produce a new grade of ice cream "Mrazik", and Inna Churikova received a silver medal Marasika for the role of Marfushenka. But American spectators have not appreciated the masterpiece of Soviet cinema and even put it on the list of the worst films of all time. Teenagers, brought up on the comic books about superheroes, simply did not take the images of the hut with his feet and the man-mushroom.

The script of the film is written according to the fairytales "Morozko" and "Ivan the bear's head". Actors brilliantly played colorful characters, so the film turned out to be kind and funny.

Poor Sasha

Lonely girl of a successful mother wants to spend the New Year in a family circle. For this, she decides to go on a real crime and even hires a thief-bearer Berezkin, released from prison on New Year's holidays. The unfortunate criminal protects Sasha from bandits and reveals an intricate crime.

The film reflects all the "delights" of the dashing 90's: the brothers in sports suits, the new Russians, and also honest people who failed to fit into the new market system. In 1998, Tigran Keosayan's picture became a best-selling movie.

Christmas trees

The first epic film was released in 2010 and became so popular that it was even noted in his blog by Dmitry Medvedev. On December 31, the Russian president wrote the key phrase of the picture: "Hope for Santa Claus, but for yourself ...".

The picture shows people living in different parts of our vast country. They fall into ridiculous situations, make new friends, fall in love and marry. The theory of six handshakes helps the girl to save her reputation and become a little happier. In the film of Timur Bekmambetov, famous actors, showmen and pop stars starred. In the next series of the project you can learn about the future of the heroes.

Real love

The film by British director Richard Curtis leaves the audience with a feeling of warmth and joy. It shows the stories of Londoners who fall in love, suffer from loneliness and seek a better life. In the film, stunning British actors starred: Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Ema Tomsan.

The magical atmosphere makes viewers believe in love and look at their life in a new way. Not surprisingly, fans are reviewing this picture again and again.

Exchange holiday

Two women, living on different continents, suffer from unhappy love. One changes the husband, and the second feels an unrequited feeling for a colleague. Unexpectedly, their paths intersect. Iris, whose role was performed by Kate Winslet, goes to America, and Amanda (Kemeron Diaz) to the English provinces. Of course, during the Christmas holidays, girls find their love. Good New Year's movie makes you believe in a miracle and gives a great mood.

Look at pictures, time-tested, with family or friends. Share your impressions in the comments, tell us about your favorite films!
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