Secrets of kefir diet, or how to lose weight correctly

Excess weight is a common problem for both women and men. Struggling with it is helped by grueling sports, fitness and diet. Someone, wanting to get a quick result, prefers to harass himself on a treadmill, someone - starvation and food restriction. The most common mistake that harms the body is the choice of a mono-diet, their long-term use. Kefir diet is not included in their number. Sour-milk products are not only good weight stabilizers, but also useful products that make the digestive system work.

How to lose weight on yogurt?

If you approach the issue of losing weight on yogurt correctly, then it guarantees rapid fat burning and effective disposal of excess kilograms. After the diet for Dyukan, this option is in second place for rapid weight loss. The optimal period for a diet of 3 to 5 days, a longer period may adversely affect your health. 2-3 days will be enough to clear the slag and remove excess fluid from the body. If the goal is to lose weight - then use only kefir should be at least 5 days.

For rapid weight loss, it is recommended to take kefir with a fat content of 1%. It should not be more than 35 kcal per 100 g. The daily diet is 1 - 1.5 liters of kefir. To mono-diet was not too tight, you can add a couple of low-calorie foods to kefir. For example, fruits, cucumbers, boiled potatoes, greens. As an additional product they go in the amount of 100 g. The result after such a diet, together with willpower, will be impressionable. For 4-5 days you can throw up to 4 kilograms.

Principles and varieties of kefir diet

There are several types of this method of losing weight with three general principles:
  • Duration;
  • The main product;
  • Introduction of additional low-calorie food.
When you eat kefir you need to follow a clear schedule - food intake occurs in equal parts at least 6 times a day with an interval of 2-3 hours. Some schemes suggest a fluid intake limit of up to 500 ml. Do not do this, - dehydration can occur.

Bread, salt, sugar, coffee and black tea for the time of a diet is better to exclude. Clean water and herbal teas can be drunk indefinitely. Kefir diet with proteins is built according to the same scheme as the main one. The difference is that two days instead of fruits you can take chicken or lean beef meat. If the apple is present in the diet, then it should be administered only for a day. For one meal, you can drink a glass of yogurt and eat an apple.

There is another variant of the apple-kefir diet. During the first three days one kefir is used, the next one is an apple and the last three are again kefir. Apples can be served in any form: grated, baked, whole. The main thing is not to use sugar at the same time. Such a diet is contraindicated for people suffering from high acidity of the stomach.

Return to the usual diet, after kefir diet, should be gradually. During the diet, the body is used to small doses of food. In the early days you should avoid flour products and fatty foods. Sweets also need to be limited. Such an approach will contribute to the proper metabolism and help to integrate into a normal diet.
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