Bra for running - what you need to pay attention

Ladies who are engaged in some kind of sports or just physically active, must necessarily take care of choosing a suitable bra.

During the run, their breasts rise and fall. With long jogs and a fairly fast pace, this can be very tiring. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the tight covering of the bra so that it does not cause irritation and does not create wounds on the skin.

Comfort and Convenience

The bra should match the size of the chest. If the breasts are not properly protected, various ailments may occur. A woman will feel pain in the area of ​​the spine, neck and shoulders. In addition, insufficient selection of a bra has a negative effect on the shape of the breast. At the beginning of running for short distances, you can wear a sports top that is suitable for easy and quiet jogging. Adidas products can be used. If you want to invest in a more professional model, Stella McCartney bras are recommended. It is made of an elastic material, and thanks to the grid on the side panels, it provides good air permeability. Under the breast is an elastic band that provides good fixation. During the run, the bra can not cause skin irritation. This provides a seamless technique that is used in the top brands of the Nike brand.

The fabric with the Dri-Fit system drains the accumulated moisture outwards, so there is no irritation, and the athlete feels comfortable.

Another suggestion are T-shirts with a built-in brassiere. The material from which it was made contains silver ions, due to which it has antibacterial properties. Does not leave an unpleasant odor of sweat, which greatly affects the comfort of use.

Adjustable bras

The bra for running should ideally be matched to the woman's body. The breasts should fit well in the calyx, the corsage should fit tightly to the skin, and at the same time provide complete freedom of movement.

A bra for running should ideally fit the body

To ensure that the bra perfectly fits the body, it must have adjustable straps which, thanks to special fasteners, can be crossed on the back. It turns out much better to keep the breast and provide greater stability of the breast.

The bra provides good shock absorption and shock protection. This is of great importance during the run.

The runners themselves recommend Shock underwear. This brand is engaged in the production of bras for women who are engaged in sports.

The Ultimate Run Bra was tested specifically for jogging. The manufacturer guarantees that the bra reduces the movement and jumping of the breast up to 78%. Soft and seamless material is placed on straps and cups. Bra is durable and comfortable to use.

The ability to adjust the straps will allow you to adjust the bra under your body

It is very important that in a sports bra, you feel comfortable. However, this does not mean that it should be too loose. Then the breasts will be rubbed, they will lose their elasticity and regular shape.

The bra must be matched, but not too tight. It should be strengthened with the possibility of adjusting the strapless. The runner, overcoming many kilometers, should not feel that she wears a bra. He should not interfere, be tight and complicate training.

From choosing the right bra depends not only good health, but also sports success.
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