Forecast of Feng Shui for 2018 Yellow (Earth) Dogs

On February 4, 2018, the year of the Yellow (Earthen) Dog begins on the eastern calendar.


As a dog needs a master, so people need each other. The family becomes important. Many people, who previously believed that they had not yet "wandered about", will understand that they are ready to tie themselves up in marriage.

The year provides an opportunity to restore old ties, return to people who are dear to you. In the Year of the Dog it is fundamentally important not to be selfish, think about others, take care of those who need it.

Do not shut yourself in, but look for those with whom you can join together for example, for the success of the common cause.


If you want to do business, it's a good time for talented young people.

Opportunities for career growth associated with the Earth are opening, as the year 2018 in Chinese metaphysics is the year of the Earth Dog. Projects will be serious and large-scale: mining, food and agriculture, banking, insurance.

A great revival will be in the real estate market. Many will want to buy, change housing. Make repairs. Good time for practicing feng shui of your house and garden.


Care must be taken in the mountains, underground, in mines, in construction, in seismic zones.

To be afraid of earthquakes, ice gathers and landslides.


Earth years stimulate to weight gain. Tip: watch out for food, do not overeat.

By Feng Shui in 2018, you should not work and sleep, stay for a long time, in rooms with windows to the north, so as not to provoke illness and trouble.

In general, the year promises to be good, although, perhaps, uneasy. It must be remembered that the Dog is not always distinguished by coolness: there are times when it is possible to make mistakes in a rush. Therefore, do not rush, keep yourself in hand, try to think about important steps - and you will tame this Yellow Earthen Dog.
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