Olympic Park in Sochi: we rest with the whole family

Olympic Park Sochi - a bright landmark of the Krasnodar Territory. It was here that in 2014 the best sportsmen of the world came together to compete for the medals of the XXII Olympiad. If you plan to relax on the Black Sea coast, be sure to drop in here with friends or family.

The main objects of the Olympic Park

On the territory of the grandiose complex are stadiums, ice arenas and arenas.
  • The Ice Palace "Fisht". The contours of the transparent roof, located above the arena, resemble a snow-capped summit. The stadium is designed for 47,000 seats. Two stands are under the open sky, and two are covered with polycarbonate. From here spectators can not only watch the games, but also enjoy the picturesque mountain scenery.
  • The Ice Palace "Bolshoi". This is one of the park's most original structures. A smooth silvery roof resembles a precious pearl. In 2014 there were competitions in hockey, and now the palace is used as a multifunctional sports center.
  • Stadium "Puck". On the ice arena, ice hockey and sledge hockey competitions are held. At the moment the object is redesigned to a sports and recreation center for children.
  • Adler-Arena. The oval stadium with a length of 400 m accommodates 8,000 spectators. In the building there is an ice rink, stands, locker rooms and utility rooms.
Inspection of all objects will take quite a long time. Travel will be more comfortable if you rent a bicycle, a golf cart or an electric car.

The Bowl of the Olympic Flame and the show of fountains

The main art object of the XXII Olympiad is located in the center of the park. It symbolizes a fairy Firebird, carrying on its wings a platform with a fountain. The flame at the top of the stele is like a bizarre crest. Around the structure are sports grounds and the track "Formula 1".

Show singing fountains - a unique view for the guests of the park. In a broad basin there are about 250 water cannons and thousands of searchlights. Every evening, under the sound of classical and popular music, streams of water soar upwards. The performance takes place every day and lasts 1 hour.

Science and Art Park

The building of the former media center of the Olympiad opened the scientific center "Sirius". Here there are exhibition halls, laboratories, training classes. On the basis of the park there are festivals, concerts and art exhibitions.

Park of entertainments «Sochi Park»

In this amazing place you will meet the heroes of Russian fairy tales and epics. Ultramodern themed attractions are interesting for children and adults. There are musical concerts and theater performances. For the youngest visitors work playgrounds and carousels. Older children will be interested in animation performances and themed fairy-tale venues. The most adventurous are waiting for extreme attractions "Snake Gorynych", "Quantum Leap" and "Firebird". There is a dolphinarium in the park. Performances take place several times a day and last 40 minutes. Three dolphins and a fur seal are famous artists. They are able to jump high, play with the ball and perform many complex tricks.

For guests of the park there are recreation areas, cafes and restaurants. The Olympic Park is open daily from 8.00 to 24.00. Entrance to the territory is free. Share your impressions if you have already visited this wonderful place! I will be happy to read your feedback and see the photos.
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