The misogynist is an unsuccessful man.

Not all men become misogynists. Not all men discuss how bad women are. It all depends on how much the man is pleased with himself. Does he consider himself successful and strong, confident in himself? If so, then any woman, no matter how successful she is compared to him, will cause him positive emotions. But if a man considers himself a failure, it will be expressed in insults to all successful women.

Man's haters are not born, they become. And it all depends on the conceit of a man who either admires women's achievements, or belittles them.

Since then, as a woman has the right to work and provide for herself, both sexes competed. Who is more successful - a man or a woman? Who is smarter - strong or weak sex? Who is worthy of unconditional respect - gentlemen or ladies? A man and a woman can work equally, earn money, gain fame and success. But since men consider themselves strong in all sex plans, they try to be always more successful than women.

It turns out, if a woman is more successful than a man, then he automatically becomes a misogynist. And all because he himself did not achieve higher successes than those that are available to women.

A man becomes a misogynist just because he is a less successful woman. A man is strong only physically. But many want to be strong in absolutely everything. So it turns out that if a man himself has not achieved success, then women should live in poverty, be stupid and weak. And any woman who does not want to adapt to the desires of men, is perceived by them as "a man in a skirt". It must be somehow offend a woman who does not want to be helpless, like a man!
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