Long life. Could you give the lady a cigarette?

What an interesting way to get acquainted! A lot of girls started the thorny path of the smoker with such sweet mischief. And with the filing of an "experienced" girlfriend. Why "thorny"? It's so much fun to be accepted in a good company! How nice to draw attention to yourself, elegantly tightened a fragrant thin cigarette!

Stop, dear ones! Is it a good company in a smoking room? The circle of smoking men noticeably narrows. Young people who think about their health and a happy future around the world are becoming more. And they choose the companions of life among the girls of non-smokers. Members say that smoking women are rude, look older than their years. Earlier than in contemporaries, a gentle voice acquires a hoarse, teeth - yellow, the skin loses its noble natural dullness, and breathing - freshness. Choosing a mother for her future children, unconsciously looking for a young, pretty, smart, healthy woman. See for yourself: a worthy one has to match.

This is where the thorny path begins. It is painfully good to be elected. And really want to match! Appearance, perhaps, can still be supported. And the body is already poisoned. After all, an elegant cigarette with the aroma of chocolate systematically supplies 43 carcinogens and 400 toxic substances. Will you give your beloved healthy heir? Many wealthy families are scrupulous about choosing their children, not wanting to "spoil the breed." Even this is not the case: most want a cloudless happiness. It is necessary to quit smoking.

Sport gives strength and accelerates the removal of harmful substances from the body.

Quitting smoking is difficult. Especially women. And the moral break-up is, and physical. Not everyone can stand it. A young organism, however, is easier to cope with nicotine addiction. An unshakable motivation is needed. Willingness to survive a difficult test and perseverance in achieving results will be rewarded with interest.

This situation is one of the many, almost deliberately created by women, who did not resist the temptation to be "original." The most terrible evil in smoking is a slow but sure suicide. Does it need someone?

According to Wikipedia data, in 2014 our country was on the 7th place by the number of cigarettes smoked per year, Sweden by 68, Norway by 82. Perhaps, the data are indicative. Similarly, the fact that the deadly pack costs Norwegian $ 11, the Swede - 4, the Russian resident - 1. Direct communication! Russia is among the three countries that are actively fighting with smoking. Wish us success in this fight.

Nicotine shortens life. But for some reason there are madmen who are ready to exchange several years of being a bad habit

Life is now a long time. She offers a lot for everyone. Interesting around - the sea! To take full advantage of it, you must be healthy.

Even elderly pensioners are gambling in a new life:
  • go to stadiums, swimming pools, bike paths;
  • they study the computer and show unprecedented abilities;
  • master another profession;
  • are engaged in a photo and video on pleasure to itself and close;
  • happy to earn in the network;
  • love their "halves";
  • learn languages;
  • travel, finally.
All these pleasures are available in the presence of health. Just!

Hence, the following conditions must be fulfilled:
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • well-thought-out power supply system;
  • indispensable physical load;
  • systematic check of the health status in the clinic.
It is necessary only to want. As a consequence, the following will be added:
  • pleasure from life;
  • good relations with others;
  • optimism.
All this list is determined when studying the experience of long-livers of many countries.

Years will flow slowly, full of wonderful impressions, joy from the sensation of their strength. Whether our life will be long depends on us. Do not thinklessly abandon it in his youth. Oh, how sorry later!
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