Are you pregnant: how to behave at work?

Each mother often dreams of a future baby. We dream of his face, but suddenly from the embraces of sleep we are torn out by a punctual and inexorable alarm clock. On vacation we could dream a lot, but the call reminds us that it's time for us to go to work again. On the first working day after the well-deserved summer vacation, we need to quickly end the absent-mindedness of the holidaymaker and immediately start working, showing the same level of concentration and professionalism that we differed from before the rest. However, this year the return from vacation for us is not quite ordinary: our soul and body undergo huge changes, we do not live on our own, a new life has arisen and is growing inside of us. It's a happy feeling, however, we need to behave differently now at work.

Waiting for a new life

The last time we go to work just like a woman. The next time after the decree, during which we devoted almost all our time to almost one child, took care of it, fed it, caressed and changed diapers, we will start working as a mother. So now, going to work, we will know that we are no longer alone, that life is inside of us, and in a few months it will break out, it will be with us always since then. You already seemed to have a stomach, or you just made sure that you are pregnant: however that may be, returning to work will probably be very emotional.

Anxiety and doubt

How should we behave? We have the same interests and determination in relation to our studies, but at the same time, although it is hard to believe, we are at the center of exciting and wonderful events that are about to happen. Will everything remain as it was in the work, or will something change? Will we be more confident in our adult behavior, will our decisions be more resolute, how will our colleagues perceive our new "I"? Or, on the contrary, will we be too often distracted by thoughts about the future baby? In our head there will be a lot of such questions, and for sure they will distract the alarms? Suddenly something will go wrong? Besides, for sure we will be troubled by the feeling of guilt: suddenly we take too little care of the growing child inside of us, giving preference to our selfishness and career?

Our career will not suffer

Such reflections are quite common. The most important event, the birth, is still far ahead, and we still perceive ourselves as a girl who can only think of herself. Well, this moment can also be used. We seem to stand with two feet on different banks. Let's concentrate on work, but we will not demand too much from our body and wait with projects that require too much of us: in the first months of our child's life, we will devote ourselves exclusively to him. Unless then we have enough time to return to the previous rhythm? Do not even doubt it.
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