6 secrets from women with perfect hands in their eyes

There are certain skills in life, without which you could do without. But every woman should learn how to quickly and correctly use eyeliner. This will not only easily cope with eye makeup in everyday life, but also do it beautifully. Yes, perfect arrows - it's quite difficult. But only at first glance. We will take advantage of the advice of experts and "star" cinematographers, who always have perfect eyes. Well, or almost always flawlessly.

Use the primer

If the too-flowing liquid liner is an ongoing problem for you, then try to start the make-up with a small primer on the eye area. It will not only create a smoother surface for the application of arrows, but also preserve the makeup intact, preventing it from flowing and crumbling. In general, pencils or gels-podvodki easier to apply than liquid funds. Therefore, if you feel a little unsure or your skills are not too great, then try to start with a simpler version of the pencil, and then you can go to liquid liners.

Keep elbows on the table

Before you start using the liner, make yourself comfortable. Lean on a flat surface, and then start painting. Stable position of the hands helps draw beautiful and smooth lines.

Choose a darker shade

Use dark-colored eyeliner, for example, black or brown to draw a line along the top line of the eyelashes. Do not worry about making it perfect. Then take a slightly lighter shade, for example, gray or bronze. Take them along the top edge of the line you just drew in dark paint to hide any unevenness. You can also do this with the help of eye shadow.

Start at the end

Instead of aligning the eyes from the inner corners, start at the end point, evenly applying the paint. This will achieve better symmetry. Use this trick if you want to create eye makeup with a "cat's" look.

Do not forget about concealer

To just fix all the mistakes, do not start all over again, use your concealer. It will make the arrows neat. The concealer aligns the bottom of the arrows and gives them a refined and bright appearance.

Change the padding

Most professionals recommend changing gel podvodku every two months to avoid the multiplication of pathogens. If you have a liquid liner, it should be replaced every 4-6 months, as they dry up quickly. A new pencil is acquired as the old one is used up.
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