What should not be worn in the temple of a woman?

There are several golden rules, adhering to which you can look beautiful and modest when you are going to the temple. Any woman knows that there is such a thing as "style of clothes". Style can be different: classical, business, sports, beach, romantic, etc. If the entire wardrobe of a woman is designed in the same style, then she never has problems with the choice of clothes. However, the style of the style is different, and it can turn out that in the clothes that a woman used to wear in ordinary life, one can not go to the temple. Let's take care of the clothes together, which styles are best avoided.

First, sportswear style. It is suitable only for a sports hall. Perhaps T-shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters with hoods are very comfortable, but they will never look harmonious with skirts and pantyhose. Men also need to remember that a tracksuit, shorts or breeches are clothes not for the temple.

Secondly, beach style clothes. In the summer, when it is very hot, there is a great temptation to come to the service in "beach" clothes. Dresses without sleeves, short skirts, light translucent fabrics and flip-flops - it is in this dress you can meet modern youth. But if you are purposely going to come to the temple, then you need to dress appropriately. Even in summer, a woman should not denude her elbows and knees.

Thirdly, outfit or "Vamp" style. This style is aimed at attracting attention, and the temple is a place where common prayer occurs, and nothing, and even more so, the appearance, should not distract from it. It is not necessary to intentionally provoke people to the sin of condemnation with deep cutouts, mottled colors and cuts on skirts.

Whether we want it or not, clothes reflect the state of our soul. And if a girl wears a dress or skirt solely going to the temple, and outside its walls nothing but jeans and sports jackets is worn, it involuntarily catches the eye. She just does not feel comfortable, which is always very noticeable. Many of us have to not only learn how to wear skirts and dresses again, but also learn to feel like a woman!
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