Why there is an excess of hair in women

The world is often unjust. If a man with a short stubble will look only more attractive, more courageous and more confident in himself, only a few extra hairs on the female face will spoil the whole effect of her charm. Where do they come from? It makes sense to consider the main reasons.

Hormonal imbalance

As a result of this problem, the level of male hormones in the body of a woman significantly increases, which may be the result of malfunctioning of the ovaries or adrenals. In this case, you should seek help from an endocrinologist.


Women from the south, as a rule, have a lot of hair on the face and body. Pay attention to the appearance of your mom or grandmother. If they also had a similar problem, then, perhaps, for you it will be normal and will not require any treatment. Simply periodically it is necessary to delete unnecessary hairs, in what the depilator for the person, created specially for this purpose and not causing irritation will help you.

Sexual maturation and pregnancy

During the reorganization of the body during the period of growing up or when carrying the baby, hormonal fluctuations in the female body are considered normal. Nevertheless, if the problem does not disappear with itself, it makes sense to consult your doctor.

Wrong diet

Excess fat and sugar in the diet can also lead to not only weight problems, but also the appearance of unwanted hair on the face and other parts of the body. Take care of proper nutrition and that your diet is reasonably balanced.


Unfortunately, this is a period of hormonal changes, which can not be avoided. Here, too, will have to use the means to remove unwanted hair, and no one will notice anything.

Birth control pills

Long-term use of hormonal contraceptive means can also lead to problems with excessive hair loss.


The appearance of unwanted hairs can be a side effect of taking certain medications, especially those containing hormonal components. Consult your doctor to make sure that these funds will do you more good than harm.
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