There is no change on the part of the woman - there is no desire to conquer her by the man

Often, partners fall into a vicious circle, which is called "There are no changes on the part of women - there is no desire to win it from men." What is it about? After all, if you understand this process, you can avoid many questions about why a woman no longer attracts a man and how to excite her feelings in him.

Man by nature is an experimenter, conqueror of new territories, conqueror. That's why an unknown woman is more interesting to him than a friend. He tries to conquer a woman at the beginning of relations, to know her, and at this time he surprises him with her unusual outfits, images, behavior, worldview - herself as a whole. But over time (usually after the wedding) the woman ceases to be changeable: does not change her images, does not dress up, does not surprise with new qualities, etc. She becomes familiar, familiar, known. And the man, accordingly, gradually lost the desire to notice her, because he had already won the one that meets him at home after work. A man wants to realize himself as a conqueror and a winner. So he is looking for new partners for which he will have to fight, or goes to work to be a winner, achieving success.

There is a vicious circle:
  • While a woman is unpredictable, changeable, beautiful, constantly changing both externally and internally, a man wants to conquer her new image;
  • But as soon as a woman ceases to change, she does not periodically change her image, her character, her style of behavior and becomes the same, her man conquers definitively, and then does not pay attention, since the lady no longer causes interest.
Many couples are faced with this phenomenon, as a woman sometimes does not have time to pay attention to weaknesses. Then she needs to be an excellent worker, then a good mother, then a skilled housewife. Many ladies just do not even have time to think about changing something in themselves. But it is in the nature of the woman herself not to make herself beautiful, but also to be different, unpredictable, mysterious.

Advice for men

If you want to have beautiful, attractive, sexy and cheerful women next to you, save them from the worries that you should deal with (namely, get rid of their hard work). Let the woman work, if she wants it. Let her be a housewife, not to "die" mentally at work. Then she will always be able to please you with new images, because she will have a lot of time for her own transformation.

Advice for women

If you want to always surprise your men, do not forget that you are a woman. And this means that, even being very busy, periodically take time to bring your appearance in order. Be beautiful, sexy and sometimes unusual for your men, because it's so fun and unusual even for yourself.
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