Mistress of a married man: rules of conduct

Still it is not known what is better - to find out that a man has another woman, or to understand that another woman is just you. Unexpectedly, being in the position of a lover is not an easy test. What should I do and what should I do?

Positive installation

To turn in the position of a mistress is not the best, and many women who are in it tend to blame themselves for the state of affairs. "What's wrong with me?" Is a common question that it is better not to seek an answer. Believe that you are in a difficult, but quite solvable situation. You should not and can not be responsible for the behavior of another person. All decisions should be made only in relation to themselves. And if you need time for this, take a break. Do not rush to share information with the environment. Think about the situation yourself. Do you want to continue this relationship? Do you want to break them? It's up to you.

More than two

Let what happened does not appear to you only in black and white. Between the negative and the approval there is a mass of semitones. Use your wisdom and experience. People are not perfect, and your chosen one - including. This does not mean that he is a rascal, but you do not know how to deal with people. Everything is actually much simpler. In any case, think positively.

Readiness to lie

Remember that this person once deceived you. Listen carefully to everything that he says in his defense. Believe it or not - not only your right.

It is worth several times to think before becoming the lubovnitsey married man

Justification before his wife

Talking with his wife heart to heart - a bad idea. The spouse will always look at the situation from a position different from yours. If the spouse is not aware of the situation, your appearance will hurt her. If she knows about you, she suffers and can not change anything. A man has prepared a trap for both of you, but that does not make you allies. Attempts to talk peacefully will lead to nothing and will only make things worse.

Silence is gold

Try to keep the situation secret, which is especially important if this family and you have common friends. Spreading information will damage your reputation, and make people in your environment feel uncomfortable.

Let go you can not leave

Admit to yourself that the person who deceives his wife is an extremely unreliable companion. After all, he also deceived you. Despite all the promises, such men are rarely able to change their behavior. It will be a mistake to spend years of your life, in the end, to make sure that before you - not your man.

faith in the future

You will definitely meet your man. If a woman wants to create a relationship, she will certainly do it. Let go of the deceiver in the world, because you deserve the best man - one that will not lie, looking into your eyes, and will belong to you alone.
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