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Famous series "Sex and the City" has opened a truly significant category in the cinema, which can not be called otherwise than the female cinema. Well, the phenomenon is unique. In the women's cinema skillfully combined several genres: comedy, drama, melodrama, thriller and not only. In a word, everything a true woman needs, living in a world of emotions and feelings. What series are worthy of attention? After all, one "Sex in the Big City" is not limited, although this series can rightly be called the Bible for the fair sex.

1. "Desperate Housewives" - an incredibly exciting, dramatic and thrilling series. He talks about the lives of four housewives living in a suburb of America. It would seem that it can be more boring than a similar life? However, the creators of the series manage to develop the story both on the love side and on the detective line. During each series, the viewer is in tremendous tension from what is happening!

Desperate Housewives

The series will appeal to women who are trying to understand themselves, life and others. The only disappointment after watching the series will be only that it has only eight seasons. Only eight is not an exaggeration! "Desperate Housewives" want to watch more and more, finding in the film the situation of his life.

2. No less dramatic and "concentrated" from the point of view of passions series "Mistress" - another product of cinema, worthy of any woman's attention. The idea lying on the surface tells viewers that we are all in this or that situation are mistresses or face such a type of women.

Passionate TV series Mistress

If you look deeper, it becomes clear that not everything is so simple. There are circumstances and details that will not allow us to unequivocally consider this or that case. Someone may consider a love affair between a doctor and a patient as an immoral act, but for someone it will turn out to be the love of a lifetime. Understand the multifacetedness of human feelings - an exciting and useful lesson that makes you reflect and analyze.

3. But the series "Gentle Skin", perhaps, will attract attention to a more mature audience. The film tells the story of a woman who recently joined the group of those over 40. She has a job, a husband, a new home. But from the realization of the meaninglessness of being, it seems that no one can escape! How to cope with this stage in your life? This will help the series "Gentle skin."

The gentle skin of an aged woman

4. Finally, we can not help recommending such a series as The Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Probably, there is no such woman who at least somehow did not care about the girl's life on the call. However, the series is attractive not only episodes and cases from the life of a prostitute, but also simple feminine feelings, thoughts, problems, which proves that we are all alike. And it does not depend on the type of occupation and lifestyle.

Secret girl diary on call

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