How to find an approach to the future mother-in-law: TOP-6 tips for women

The mother of a man is a holy woman. You will have to face it if your intentions are serious. Not always this meeting brings positive results. If the husband is the only child in the family, then be prepared to face heavy artillery in the form of possible disapproving looks and words.

There are cases of total disapproval in the form of daily checks of dust in the apartment, rolling up scenes - all this is designed to beat off the son and return back under Mamochkin's wing. Of course, such individuals are not very many, but meeting with them is like a clash of the Titanic with an iceberg - you will still be drowned, slowly and surely. After the proposal to arrange a meeting with the parents, a real nightmare begins in the head: how to behave, what to say when meeting, how to make a pleasant impression and win the heart of the future mother-in-law.

Determine the tactics

1) Your goal is to please (as it once was to your man). The main thing here is to prepare. Ask about her hobbies, preferences. Think of a small gift - let it be your favorite flowers, beautiful cutlery, but choose everything based on its preferences.

2) Consider the appearance. Even if you are not a fan of elegant style in clothes, you will have to suffer. Of course, if your mother-in-law is not a rocker, who prefers to look otvazno. Visit the salon, clean your hair. You can update your haircut or make a beautiful hairstyle. Do not forget about makeup - it's better if you just emphasize your dignity with a minimum of makeup.

3) Scroll through the head of the meeting. Make a small list of on-duty words, prepare a short story about yourself. It may seem stupid, but in reality you even forget your own name, not to mention the answers to simple questions that fly in your direction, like a weapon.

Think about all your speech in advance, before meeting your mother-in-law. Do not know what to say - be silent!

4) Talk to your man, share your anxiety. Do not hide from him that the meeting is really important to you. As they say - kill two birds with one stone with one shot. First, such a conversation will only strengthen relations, and secondly, his words can reassure. Believe me, he worries no less than yours.

5) During your acquaintance, do not allow yourself bad statements towards her son - even as a joke. More praise, remember even minor positive points. Be polite in everything, observe the elementary rules of etiquette. At the table you can find out the recipe of the dish you liked, and after that - help with cleaning.

6) In the future, no matter how the relationship developed, try to listen to her advice. Doing them in this case is not necessary - it is enough to show interest, to thank for such a useful clue. Try to avoid conflicts, quarrels have not brought happiness to anyone.

There are many Soviets on this subject. They are all different and someone can help, but some do not. Do not despair if communication has not developed from the first seconds, the main thing - your man's behavior in this situation. If he does not blame you, then you can relax and live peacefully - there will be a person in your family who can intercede for you even before your own mother.
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