What do women expect from men?

Probably, every woman dreams of finding the perfect partner. It is natural. But, unfortunately, there is a high probability that this ideal does not exist. Do you really know what you dream about?

I would like him to be jealous

Of course, jealousy in moderation will not do any harm. Sometimes she even flattered. Especially if the partner does not pass indifferently past during your conversation with a handsome man. There is no reason for concern if he asks about this and after your answer will forget about this topic. However, if the questions are repeated every day and gradually turn into accusations, this can be a signal that the person is morbidly jealous.

I would like him to be a leader

In the world there are men who open the door in front of a woman, pay for dinner during a date and go home after an evening session at the cinema. In short, chivalry did not die. It's nice that a man makes a decision in most cases, but only if you agree with this. What happens if your partner crosses this border? He will begin to control you, and your relationship will develop in the wrong direction. Make sure the man you meet meets your personal space.

I would like him to let himself be led

On the other hand, some women are looking for men who would allow themselves to lead and satisfy the needs of women, not paying attention to their own. Unfortunately, such a decision in the future is likely to lead to conflict. Over time, such a man will cease to be attractive to you.

I wish he was rich

Nobody wants to be poor. People want to live in prosperity, provided, of course, that wealth brings happiness, not problems. A man blindly striving for money is likely to eventually be incapable of tenderness and affection. If you are looking for just such a person, you must be prepared for the shortcomings of such a life.

A rich man has shortcomings. He is too dependent on work.

I would like a "wild" relationship

The man who comes for you on a date on a motorcycle ... Sounds interesting, does not it? It's interesting to be with a person who brings every day thrill into your life. Unfortunately, in the life of every woman comes the moment of search for stability. Especially when she decides to have a family. Women think that the relationship with the "wild" man is fantastic, they think that the flame will never fade. However, if "savagery" begins to take a form that threatens life or health, you should reconsider some questions.

I wish he was always with me

Naturally, you would like to spend as much time as possible with the person in whom you are in love. There are many couples who spend time only together. Nevertheless, with the development of your relationship, you will need to establish mutual boundaries and needs. Balance is important in relations. Do not try to keep a partner with you every day by any means. Let your relationship develop naturally.

I wish he was more romantic

Romantic gestures and words are necessary for every woman. Psychologists say that many women at the reception say that they would like their partners to be more romantic. But few of them know how this romanticism should look. It's not just flowers, gifts and a romantic dinner. In fact, everything is much more complicated. The point is that everyone wants to feel special; romanticism is a real desire to hear what the other person wants to say. No flowers, gifts and supper compensate for the lack of emotional connection, spiritual intimacy and care.

I would like him to be independent

When a man is independent, a woman can feel safe. Independence is attractive socially, and women are looking for men who can take care of themselves. Unfortunately, the painful desire for independence does not promote partnership. Would you like to live with someone for whom the most important are their own needs and priorities? Look for a man who will support you when you need it.
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