What men do not like about women?

Just like men annoy women, male representatives can also enrage the female sex. Sometimes it's hard to understand. But if you look at the situation through the eyes of a man, everything falls into place.

Of course, it is impossible to change completely and always do what men like. But to take into account important nuances and try to avoid what men morally kill, you can try. In the end, it will go for our own good.

Guide to action

In order to less often hear male reproaches, you need to act in accordance with the tips below. If some of them seem meaningless and incomprehensible, just find out what men think about this. Most likely, they will agree that it is necessary to do so.

Less words

It's no secret that women are inherently more talkative than men. When such talkativeness is not a hindrance, then you do not need to change anything. But more often it is completely different. What men do not like women's talk?

First, there is little constructivism in them. That is, women give out a lot of information, in which there is no point.

For specific men who prefer only facts, it is extremely difficult to sustain such a verbal hurricane.

Do not retell to your man all the gossip heard for the day. Men do not like chatty

Secondly, women's conversations distract a man from solving a problem. Male brain is designed so that they need to collect all the information, and then, carefully weighing it, make a decision and strive for its implementation. If a man does not have the opportunity to think, and this is how it happens, when a woman continues talking, he literally explodes with irritation.

Keep track of time

The fact that women are always late is not a secret, but everything must have boundaries. Even if punctuality is far from your goal, try not to forget about the time when it comes to important events, especially if they are related to your man. Otherwise, you can not only spoil his holiday, but also harm your career if you are late, for example, at an important reception or business dinner. So it's up to you.

Systematic delay is not the hallmark of a good girl. Try to be punctual. Otherwise, cause your man's irritation

Plan your expenses

Women's addiction to buy various trinkets can not be eradicated. But if you want a man to take you seriously, then try to learn to control the impulses of shopaholicism. Agree, start a close relationship with a man who instead of products for dinner bought another dress or shoes, not entirely reasonable. Therefore, try to plan the budget and know what you can afford, and with what needs better to wait.

Do not scandal because of trifles

This is probably the most annoying thing when a woman arranges scenes and tantrums instead of sitting down and talking calmly. Think, if you often have such disruptions, maybe you are something that does not suit you very much in a relationship. Scandals do not solve anything, you need to find a problem and try to solve it. If the problem is unsolvable, and you can not accept this, you probably need to think about ending the relationship.

Rarely cry

In this issue, men and women differ dramatically. Find a woman who has never cried in her life, it is impossible to find such a man. Exceptions are only serious tragedies, for example, when a person encounters the death of a loved one. On the one hand, this is due to the presence of certain hormones, but on the other - women often manipulate men through tears. Even if you also allow yourself this, remember that soon it will end. Sooner or later, the next tears will not cause sympathy, but irritation. So, give up this method of manipulation if you want to keep a relationship with a man.

Demonstration of tears is an unsafe way of manipulating a man

Do not flirt

At least when you are already with a man in a relationship. If you belong to him, then your coquetry with other men can make him doubt the sincerity of your feelings for him. Then he will involuntarily be inclined to think that you are with him for the benefit, but do not feel sincere warm feelings.

Maybe not all of these factors are important for your man. Then you just need to know his opinion and try to behave accordingly.
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