How does a woman develop infantility and dependence on herself in a man?

A woman can not influence a man, like a man - on a woman. If a woman wants to see an active and purposeful person next to her, then she needs to initially look for such a man. There is an exception when a man wants to become successful. In this case, the man himself should be willing to become so. Maybe he does not work or he does not have motivation. Then a woman can give him the right push. But it's quite another thing when a man does not have the desire to be successful. In this case, any attempt by a woman to push him to success is a failure.

It is impossible to motivate a person who does not want to move towards a certain goal. If it concerns a man (or woman), then his (her) own desires become an important factor. If these desires are not consistent with the expectations of the partner, then any attempts to somehow motivate to achieve success are doomed to failure.

The very idea that a man needs to be motivated is misunderstood. It is impossible to motivate someone who does not want to move toward the same goal. You can motivate only those who want, but for some reason he does not work. A man who does not want to be a successful man can only take away the desire to do something, but not give. A woman by her attempts to make him try and to move something can deprive him of any desire to do anything. Therefore, if a man does not want to become what you want him to be, do not try to do it - it will all be a waste of time.

Everyone needs motivation for great achievements. Encourage your other half. And one day wake up to the wife of a millionaire

Moreover, it is better to immediately look for a man who is already imprisoned for the way of life you want to see in German. A man is not a small child, but you can develop by his efforts the infantility or dependence on oneself.

A woman motivates a man, and develops in him the infantilism and dependence on oneself. How? And the fact that a relationship is created between why a man achieves success and success itself. If before the man could not motivate himself, accordingly, did not achieve success, then the woman becomes the same link that leads the man to his success. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with this: a woman and a man are to a certain extent dependent on each other people. But another moment when a woman begins to nurse with a man and be the only person who desires this or that success. In this case, the man becomes a child, who, if at first did something, then soon begins to be capricious, like a teenager.

Initially, look for men who are imprisoned for the goals that you would like him to achieve. It is impossible for an adult to be led on the path that he himself does not see or for which he himself does not want to go. You can only contribute to the emergence of motivation for what already exists. But it is impossible to create something new in another person. Understand this in order to really motivate men, and not make rebellious teenagers out of them.
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