The rules of self-defense for women

The ability to stand up for oneself was always relevant. Criminals, drunk or simply inadequate people who are not always responsible for their actions, want to take possession of others' property or commit violence in order to increase their self-esteem. And who, like non-defenseless girls become victims in most cases, because even the most home-bred bastard does not come to mind to attack a stronger person. To girls not to become another victim of a fanatics, it is worth remembering some ways of self-defense.

Rules of self-defense

1. The first rule of self-defense: do not start a fight, if you can avoid it. Of course, if you own hand-to-hand combat techniques, which you regularly hone in the gym, and put a dozen opponents on all sorts of championships, then you have nothing to fear. But in the conditions of the street there are no rules, and if someone has already set out to attack, especially on a girl, you can be sure that he will act by all dirty methods.

2. If you are not engaged at all, do not react at all to a drunken fool who has released rudeness in your direction, and companies of such individuals should go around the tenth road (and men, by the way, too).

Self-defense techniques for girls

But what to do if you were attacked. In this situation, you need to escape and try to escape, creating a cry and attracting the attention of others. How to escape? There are several simple ways that do not require special preparation. The main thing to remember is that the wounded beast is fiercer, and if you have to fight, do it without any mercy. All these techniques are aimed at shocking the attacker and running away. Running away, try to run into the store or restaurant, get on a bus or taxi and, in a more safe place, call the police, as well as relatives or friends who can come for you.

Protection from a robber or rapist

1. If you are attacked from behind, clasping your hands. Do not try to free your hands. The first thing to try is to find your foot with the heel of the attacker. Having groped for the target, as hard as possible, hit it with a heel (heel), trying to hit the fingers. You can be sure - the scoundrel will feel incredible pain and he will open his arms. Now the main thing is to run away while he comes to his senses.

2. If the perpetrator grabs you by the hand, and at the same time tries to drag you, sitting slightly on his side, you need to strike a strong knee to the side of the thigh, aiming at the middle part. This blow leads to incredibly severe pain, and directly "takes away" the leg, guaranteeing the attacker a long painful shock, and a limping gait for the next few hours. This is another plus, since the bandit can not immediately chase you and allow you to escape.

3. An unknown person blocked your way and does not allow you to pass? In this case, a strong blow to the groin will force him to switch to himself, forgetting about the desire to "meet" with you. At the same time, if the fan is standing, with legs wide apart, at a distance of a step, the shock is most conveniently applied by the foot, and if closer, and the legs are shifted, beat the knee. And, of course, you need to run away.

4. If you are grabbed by a hand and trying to hold your hand, you can free yourself by grabbing a thumb with your free hand on the opponent's holding arm. Strongly bend it towards the opponent's elbow (like a joystick in a video game), trying to break it. Fracture, severe pain and disabled arm (usually right) is provided to the bad guy.

Be always attentive, practice with your husband or boyfriend, (only without using force, and then send the poor fellow to the sick leave or worse), and let you never have to apply these techniques. But remember - a trained person does not attack.
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