How hormones affect a woman's body

Hormones are organic compounds produced by individual organs for the regulation of the vital activity of the body. They carry in themselves at least two important functions: the reproductive function of the regulation of the course of biological processes in the body.
Hormones responsible for reproductive function, contribute to the conception of women, bearing a child and natural feeding. Under the function of regulating the flow of biological processes is understood the dynamics of growth, the rate of metabolism, i.e. body mass. Hormones also determine many things in our body that you may not have suspected: for example, they determine the timbre of the voice, the size of the hair covering on the body, the type of skin, etc. Based on all these functions, it becomes clear how hormones affect the body - they control its performance.

Unfortunately, cases of disruption of the work of organs responsible for the production of hormones are not uncommon, which can lead to an excess, a shortage of a hormone, and to an incorrect synthesis. Especially problems of this nature are women - due to the cyclical activity of their organisms. The first thing that catches the eye in women with hormonal disorders is overweight and hair around the lips. In cases of weight gain due to hormonal disorders, diets are useless. Only a blood test for hormones and advice from an endocrinologist can bring results. A number of hormones are known that are directly related to loss and weight gain: adrenaline, cortisol, estrogen, leptin.

Hormones in the body of a woman require constant attention and control. There are so-called "hormonally problematic" phases in the life of women, which are characterized by either a rise in the hormonal background (the period of puberty), or its decline (menopause). It is during these periods that there may be a deviation of body weight from the usual. In addition, there are several reasons for the instability of the hormonal background: severe stress, postpartum period, improper selection of contraceptives. With the help of hormonal drugs, the endocrinologist normalizes the hormonal background in the woman's body, which will gradually relieve the excess weight, and further control over the level of hormones will help him not to gain.
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