Women: How to kill a man in yourself

Get up at six, make breakfast, sandwiches for the child in school and work for her husband, raise everyone, gather and take them out of the house, remind her husband to go to the grocery store, the child - to do the homework, get to work, bank and pay for utilities, after work - cooking, washing, ironing, cleaning ... And after all, in the first half of the night, fall asleep and fall asleep instantly, without forgetting, incidentally, to make an alarm for half a sixth ...

It's a familiar picture, is not it? Millions of women live and do not even realize that it is possible and in a different way. Tired, complaining, but still running around in a vicious circle. It seems that it should be so, so women are dictated by society - you are strong, you can do it. And now this eternal "... a horse at a stop will stop" and does oblige a woman to understand whether she can work as a sleeper, or to drag her husband by herself. Not in a literal sense, of course. And in fact drag! They thought up themselves that men, they are weak, they need to be protected, grooming and blowing out specks of dust.

All that needs to be done is to stop alone solving all domestic and not only problems - to kill a man in himself. The same man, who, sparing no effort, no health, takes on the hardest work.

As soon as the woman decides that she is at her one and only, beloved and unique, the matter will already go in the right direction. It is important to understand that at first everything will be crooked and oblique, everywhere there are blunders and in general chaos and mess. But it's not scary, you just have to wait a bit - after all, the reward will be first, more time for yourself and your favorite activities, secondly, improving your appearance and health, and thirdly, more understanding with your children and husband.

To change your life, you need to start with yourself. Take yourself for the habit of finally wearing dresses and heels! No, no, do not just go to the Labutenes from the ballet. It will be enough just beautiful shoes with an average heel. Why is this necessary? First, this simple method makes the legs slimmer, and the gait is more feminine, and secondly, you learn not to run headlong to catch a few places at the same time, and it's better to plan things and transfer them to other family members. Well, dresses - it's generally the best that they could come up with for a woman to emphasize her beauty. In addition, it is very convenient - you do not have to think about what to wear with this skirt, stylists and designers took care of it. So be sure to buy yourself a few everyday dresses and forget about problems with choosing outfits in the morning.

Add femininity - wear dresses. Jeans are already boring everyone. Become unique!

Stop getting up early and cook breakfast! Do you have a husband without arms, or what? Or does he need more sleep than you? In addition, breakfast - this is not a gourmet meal, but just a quick and simple meal, with the preparation of which even a person who can only turn on the electric kettle will cope. Agree on equality: one day you prepare breakfast, one day - a husband. After all, you often thought about how it would be wonderful to get up when coffee and an omelet are already ready in the kitchen! Here, allow yourself such a pleasure, you deserve it.

Think about what things can be left to the husband and children. Even if they only take care of washing dishes and ironing clothes washed (well, it's pretty simple lessons - anyone can do it), you will be much easier.

Everyday life consists of small things, and in them, as is known, the devil also hides. If you stop dragging the whole burden of life on yourself, everyone will benefit from this. After all, when the husband begins to help you cope with daily affairs, he will understand that they are not difficult, but they take time and energy. And children from the youngest age should learn to serve even themselves - the ability to cook scrambled eggs, sew a button or wash the dishes have not prevented anyone.

Women need first of all to love themselves, to understand that one should not be a super mom, an ideal wife, a reliable friend, an exemplary daughter-in-law ... Be yourself, do what you like to do and give yourself the right to make mistakes, laziness, unwillingness . Take care of yourself as the closest person, then your loved ones will treat you differently.
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