An advertising trick that harms women

It's no secret that advertising has become a part of everyday life. It sounds from the TV screen, over the radio. Even Internet sites actively use advertising in order to earn money and promote a particular product. From the variety of commercials that have already become a separate genre of art, one can distinguish one in which the thought repeats: if a woman uses this or that lipstick, hair dye, ink and so on, then the attention of men to her is assured 100%. That is, you just need to wear a beautiful dress, shoes with heels or stilettos, wash your head with advertising shampoo, make up your lips with red lipstick ...

Wait, why are so many girls using this trick still lonely? It's not a matter of how a woman is dressed and what makeup is used (although this is important), but her inner spirit. If a woman does not bother, does not go looking for a look, but simply dresses for herself, paints herself, looks well-groomed and satisfied, then the man himself will be found.

It is clear that the fashion industry and beauty need to sell the goods, and therefore in advertising the main dream of almost every woman is actively exploited - to find a prince on a white horse. But without desire, desire, work on themselves, advertising will be a fake picture, where everything is embellished (and it's the way it is!).

Advertising is one thing, but life is another. Women who blindly believe in advertising are quickly disappointed, why they stop watching themselves, fall into a deep depression and depression, and there are suicidal cases. It is important to discard stereotypes that are imposed by advertising, choose what you really want, and do not believe that with the new lipstick will come the long-awaited happiness.
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