History with taste "Olivier": a legendary salad from the evil cook

The question of whether they heard about the salad "Olivier" is surprised by the chefs in France, always on their faces was a silent surprise. A marvelous paradox: a salad, whose "daddy" is recognized by one of the representatives of the famous dynasty of French culinary specialists, is a Russian national dish-treasure.

The history of the creation of the legendary dish

The famous recipe for salad "Olivier" owes its birth to the world in the second half of the 19th century to an emigrant from France Lucien Olivier - a magician's cook. He bought the famous restaurant "Hermitage", guests of which were representatives of the capital's society. The place was very special, even the waiters were dressed in the primitive form of the technical staff, but from expensive foreign matter.

The kitchen in the restaurant was suitable for guests glamorous "tavern". Recognized in Russia, the encyclopaedist of Moscow life VA. Gilyarovsky in his bestseller "Moscow and Muscovites" devoted this institution "public catering" a whole sketch.

He told his readers about how the Moscow "beau monde" was expecting the dishes of the French master who kept the secret of his cooking as the apple of his eye. Adherents of culinary escapades fought for a long time to get a "philosophical stone" from the culinary herbarium Olivier, but nobody could repeat the masterpiece legendary salad to this day, because the Frenchman took the composition of the products and the "technological map" with him to the grave.

But there was one idle frequenter of a fashionable tavern, which strained his taste buds, visual memory and managed to name the main ingredients of the dream dish of all Moscow gourmets.

Paradoxically and funny, they say, Olivier invented his salad with anger. And it was so ...

The owner of the Hermitage intended to pamper the guests of his establishment and cooked a masterpiece of culinary art: on a platter he laid out a whole composition of meat delicacies: fillet of partridge and grouse, veal tongue and cancer necks, watered with mayonnaise "Provansal". The crown of this bouquet of cold cuts served as a pea of ​​potatoes with cornichons, decorated with boiled eggs.

Visitors to the restaurant did not appreciate the glamor of Olivier's culinary invention, but the taste of the master's salad led their stomachs to gastronomic delight. The components of the dish were so wonderfully chosen that, mixing them in their plates, the "Hermitage" gourmets received a miracle dish of salad type, and were after eating it in full nutritional ecstasy.

When the Frenchman saw this, everything in his refined nature was seething with indignation. The next day, he himself presented in a barbaric manner to the ill-bred public what they liked: a mash of elite products, poured with sauce.

A decade has passed, and we are grateful to him and remember only a kind word. But it was not always for these half century!

The time of oblivion of the "cult" salad

All the bourgeois remnants were thrown into the crucible of the revolutionary movement. In the memory of the Soviet people, even the mention of the masterpiece glamorous dish was erased. So almost 50 years about the "Olivier" forgotten, and then he suddenly appeared in the New Year as a center dish and as a symbol of prosperity in a crystal salad bowl. From the legendary salad, which regaled the color of the Moscow public, "a stone on a stone," as they say, is not left. "The Prodigal Son" returned as before tasty, all adored, but up to a hideous simplistic version - with boiled sausage under the code names "Doctoral", "Amateur", "Ostankino" and terribly scarce mayonnaise and green peas.

Opinion of modern cooks

All the chefs known in the post-Soviet space admit that for today we are preparing a much simplified version of the classic salad "Olivier", and not a real recipe, and they also call us not to simplify it even more.
  • At no point in this salad should not be found sausage (even the most expensive), - only meat - boiled tongue, beef is acceptable.
  • Mayonnaise is preferable to home, because the store is able to "hammer" the taste of all other components.
  • It will be interesting to add two kinds of cucumbers to this salad: fresh and salted, and all the ingredients should be patiently cut as small as possible, which will make the dish tastier.
  • Salad only benefits, if you put it not canned, but frozen peas. The last one is enough to fall asleep for a minute in boiling water, put into a colander, let cool and add to the salad. It will not be the original, but less "like the truth."
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