New Year tree according to the rules of Feng Shui

According to the adherents of the Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui, the New Year tree can successfully serve as a talisman for the coming year. It turns out that our health, luck, happiness in the coming year depends on the choice of an honorable place in the house for a New Year's forest beauty. Where is it better to put a Christmas tree in the house? And how to decorate the main symbol of the holiday?

The main thing - health!

Taking care of the health of the elder members of the family and strengthening family relationships, the tree should be placed to the left of the entrance to the room, along the wall. In this case, the mascot of the festive tree is the Dragon, but it is important that this New Year's toy hangs no higher than the eye level of the head of the family. The colors of Christmas decorations for feng shui in this version - green, blue and brown. Under the prohibition of toys, having sharp ends and apex-spire. Needles should be disguised under rain, tinsel and garland.

Everything for children

Concerns about the health of young children in the family will spur a prickly forest beauty on the right side of the entrance. On this Christmas tree must hang different sweets, and decorate the green guest is necessary with the active participation of children in this process, and toys for the tree to do with them.

We draw love into our lives

Dreaming of a strong love relationship and sexual stability, you need to put the Christmas tree in the far right corner; this move will help your intimate life to become brighter and more diverse. For such a Christmas tree you need necessarily pair toys: icicles, hearts, lanterns, stars, New Year's figures (birds, cats, flowers), but the main thing - they should be two. It is not bad to bandage them in pairs with beautiful bows made of silk ribbons of all shades of pink, red and yellow. Under the tree, a couple is necessarily necessary - Father Frost and Snow Maiden. So you can refresh old feelings and past passion or meet in the coming year your soul mate.

Up the career ladder

If you want to raise personal self-esteem, feel yourself strong, interesting person, move up the career ladder, then the Christmas tree should be placed right at the entrance to the room. Enabling career growth will help placed on the festive tree of metal or crystal turtles, fish, horses, lotus flowers. Good luck will bring colors: white, blue, blue.

Revealing talents

If the green forest sorceress will be located in the near left corner, this will contribute to the development of your creative abilities, expanding contacts with the outside world. To brighten up the talents of family members, the Christmas tree needs to be decorated with toy symbols that point to a certain area of ​​art: musical instruments, notes and a treble clef, an artist's inventory and miniature paintings in framed frames, decorative pointes and a ballet tutu - in short, everything that is associated with the creative interest you are interested in. As options for jewelry: bells and fur-tree toys-angels, which will provide you with friendly help and support. And if you dream to visit any corner of the World, then toys should remind you of a dream (about Paris - the Eiffel Tower, about Egypt - a pyramid) and be silvery or golden in color.

Ideas how to decorate a Christmas tree, will be relevant in the coming year 2018 Yellow Dog, and in any other year.

To herringbone brought you joy, luck and success, you need to treat it as animate creature. While she lives in your home, you need to take care of her: water, feed.
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