Effective disposal of cellulite

For any woman, the presence of cellulite is an unpleasant problem. Moreover, cellulite is inherent both to slender representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, and to ladies with decent forms. Effective against cellulite helps cryotherapy - the method of cold exposure to problem areas of the skin and in general to the human body. Very low temperatures, sometimes reaching 160 degrees, have a curative effect on the basic life support systems. A nice addition is not only getting rid of cellulite, but also activation of internal processes. We remove cellulite forever!

The causes of the appearance of cellulite

According to statistics, up to 85% of women suffer from cellulite. On the sites about cellulite reviews are full of complaints that once appeared, cellulite does not go anywhere, but eventually becomes even more noticeable. There is an explanation for this. Cellulite occurs due to changes in the size of fat cells and the accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous tissues. Cellulite is affected by poor metabolism, slagging and a large number of cytotoxins. Expanding, fat cells are compressed, forming a kind of lumps, the so-called cellulite plaques. They break the lymph flow and blood circulation, having negative consequences for the whole organism. Getting rid of cellulite is possible only in the case of normalization of these processes.

What cryotherapy says cellulite "No"

In cryotherapy, many methods are used to reduce cellulite and improve the skin:

Cryomassage - exposure to liquid nitrogen. Eliminates irritation and other skin problems. Effective to eliminate local cellulite in combination with anti-cellulite massage and wraps.

Cryoelectrophoresis - the introduction of frozen medicinal preparations into the deep layers of the skin with the help of a pulsating current of low intensity. Reduces fat deposits, increases the elasticity of the skin, improving its color. Cellulite becomes less noticeable after only a few sessions.

Aerocryotherapy - the effect of chilled air on the body. Removes swelling of tissues.

Cryolipolysis - the gradual cooling of fat cells by non-surgical treatment. The method is ideal for getting rid of cellulite and reducing body volume.

The effectiveness of removing cellulite is due to increased lipid metabolism in the subcutaneous tissues, improved blood supply, acceleration of metabolism. For a significant reduction in cellulite, it will be sufficient to undergo the necessary procedures. The technique and number of visits for getting rid of cellulite is determined by the doctor.
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