Guide to the independent receipt of a mortgage

How to get a mortgage and not burn at it - a brief instruction below.

1. We take a certificate of 2-NDFL at work (if you are married, your spouse should also provide these documents) for the previous calendar year and for the current one, as well as a copy of the work book certified by the seal organization, with a record that you are working on the present. Both certificates are valid for 30 days. An exception to providing these certificates to the bank is only the salary project of your organization in this bank. However, this is more an exception than the rule. Everything depends on the specific bank;

2. We go to the bank or any mortgage agency that you have chosen for mortgage registration;

3. We form a package of documents upon the request of your mortgage broker;

4. With the ready package of documents we go and apply for a mortgage to the selected agency;

5. We get the decision of the bank / agency;

6. We begin to select housing for the amount approved by you. In general, this stage can easily begin to pass though from the very beginning, if you previously with the mortgage agent count the amount that can be approved to you;

7. After inspecting the accommodation you have selected, you, along with the seller, go and hand over all the documents for real estate to the bank.

Obligatory documents in most mortgage agencies are:
  • an appraisal report;
  • contract of sale;
  • title documents for the apartment (from the seller);
  • cadastral passport (often with explication);
  • passports of all participants in the transaction.
At the same time, usually, an initial deposit is paid. This is done documentarily. A receipt on receipt of funds in the amount of xxx rubles is signed. xx cop. In the receipt are written passport details of all participants in the transaction;

8. After making a positive decision on the mortgage, all documents are submitted to the Rosreestr for the registration of the transaction and the receipt by the buyer of the title to the property;

We draw your attention that now Rosreestr DOES NOT issue a certificate of ownership in paper form.

9. After registration of the transaction in Rosreestr, the bank / agency transfers funds to the seller's account, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract. At the time of transfer of funds from the buyer to the seller, the keys to the apartment are transferred, unless otherwise stipulated by the parties and specified in the contract of sale;

ALL! At this stage, you become a full owner of your apartment! The article specifies the ideal conditions for the acquisition of housing.

If you have a more complicated transaction, leave your questions in the comments and I'll try to help you! If you have experience in complex transactions, please share it!
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