Hollywood tresses: the secrets of a three-dimensional hairstyle

It's sad to realize that in many schools, beauty is not taught to all the basics of creating hairstyles, and most of the most useful secrets are not being disclosed at all. To philosophize on the emergence of a large number of training centers and their highly controversial competence can be long. We will dwell on practical advice that will help you make real Hollywood ringlets.

The right hair

Were you in the beauty salons on the wrap-up of hair? Have you ever done it? If so, you are lucky, because you need to start at this stage. We take a comb with sparse teeth, divide the hair into 2 parts. It is necessary to divide so that the bottom and top tails turn out. We start the work from below - for this we take a long strand of a small width up to two centimeters. We count from the roots about 10 cm - we will scratch them.

Strands, which are not yet involved, fix the barrette from above. The comb works from the bottom to the top. No need to jiggle back and forth, your task is to immerse the comb into the hair at a level of 10 cm from the roots, hold the instrument up, pull it out, immerse it in the hair again, repeat it. So repeat about 10-20 times - visually evaluate the volume. Hair should not stick out in all directions, they immediately need to be smoothed from above, then fixed with lacquer. How to work with hair spray, read the next section of the article.

In the meantime, we continue to comb the hair with a strand behind the strand. Your task is to work out both tails. We divided them for convenience, after naches to fix the hair is not necessary - they just neatly spread on the shoulders.

We work with hairspray correctly

The problem of most masters who are engaged in hairstyles (especially at home) - they do not know how to work with varnish. It would seem that it could be easier? Pressed the button and voila - the haircut is fixed. No, you do not need to fix the finished result, but every step to it.

Basic rules for using a lacquer:
  • Before the procedure, the balloon is shaken;
  • You can not bring a can close - a distance between him and the hair should be about 30 cm;
  • Push the activator of the nebulizer (button) with pulsating movements).
Let's take a closer look at the latter. Pulsating movements are when you press the button once, do not hold it, then immediately press again, then again and again, if necessary.

Coat a large coat of varnish is not necessary. It is sufficient to use a minimum portion of the fixative 1-2 times. The same applies to finished curls. Each wrapping should be accompanied by fixing.

We suggest an experiment. Take a blank sheet of paper, attach it to the window pane. Bring the container with varnish, press the button, hold it for 3-5 seconds. So usually work masters who make hairstyles in beauty salons. Now next to click once in a single point 3-5 times, but in jerks. Look at the result - the first part of the sheet has not dried up yet, the second one has already begun to dry up! Pay attention to the sheet in half an hour - half, with which we started, even by this time will not dry out completely.

Working with a styler

How to make Hollywood ringlets? It will take a suitable technique. It can be a ploy for leveling, a familiar styler with nozzles of different thicknesses, a waving machine. The last is the so-called innovation. It is not suitable for everyone, but only for girls with smooth straight hair (they can get confused, but theoretically the preliminary alignment helps).

From hair curlers, too, do not renounce - there are large and good, which after drying with a hairdryer give the right amount. We advise you to use a styler. For Hollywood ringlets you need a nozzle with a large thickness.

During operation, the styler is sent to the occiput, and the angle should always be the same, otherwise the curls will not lie neatly. After you have finished winding a lock, you do not need to throw it carelessly. Remove the styler, hold the hair in your hands - they must cool down. After a few seconds, distribute, grasp at the roots for part of the hair related to the newly created strand, and the other hand for the ending. Pull in different directions - the volume on the eyes will increase. The strength and distance depend on the desired result, the length and structure of the hair.

To fix with varnish it is necessary to each lock a jerky movements. The combed area that belonged to the lower tail, it is not necessary to grip in the work - it will help to keep the volume. But at the top of the hair is leveled and brought to a minimum.

The hairstyle of Hollywood locks is realized in practice even without experience - from the first time you will get beautiful, fur-like, three-dimensional curls that will last all day.
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