Is it worth saving a family that does not exist?

What if you wake up in the morning and realize that this man snoring nearby is not the hero of your romance? Or love passed, gladioluses wilted ...

No matter how hard it was, but we need to let go of something that is not ours. Why store "unnecessary things." Yes, I know, now you will run the sneakers into the screen for what I call a lost love an unnecessary thing. Here is an example, you wore your favorite blouse for three seasons, but now it is not loved, stretched out, bored and became unnecessary. What will you do? Yes, among us there are those who will carefully store this subject of pride of fashionable women three-season ago in the closet, but most will try to get rid of the rubbish.

Getting rid of junk, we give an opportunity to get into our hearts and souls a new way

Let's take, for example, the family of Masha Ivanova. Masha - a typical girl who works in the office all day, without the possibility of career growth. Next to her is the same unprincipled husband Seryozha, working in a taxi for days, to feed his wife and her requests for a fur coat, boots and earrings. Both understand that such a life is not for them. And at one point Masha wakes up in the morning, understands that the test shows 2 stripes and everything, her dreams of a rich husband, a yacht and a villa abroad are broken about a baby cradle.

What does our heroine do? She continues to lead life, because "the child must have a father" and it does not matter that this is not the limit of her dreams. She does not think about herself, but about her future child and Seryozha.

And what about Sergei? Seryozha did not want children, and he wanted to offer a divorce to Masha in a week. But Sergei continues to live with his wife and is very expecting a child. No, he loves the future baby. But Masha, with her constant manners for a luxurious life, he despises. But it suffers. You will not leave your wife and child in your arms.

Seryozha is afraid to pass for a weakling, frightened of difficulties. That's how Masha and Serezha live, silently hating each other.

But it's not necessary to live. It's not shameful to tell the other half that you are tired of relationships that are not, tired of the visibility of a good life.

Why do we deceive ourselves and do not choose the life that we want?

It's simple, we are afraid of public censure, which will assert: it will endure-fall in love. Yes, it's possible, yes. But will he fall in love? NO!

And you had such situations when you need to let go, but something keeps? Tell us about your experience, share it with other readers.
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