Winter sickness: prevention rules and the beginning of the fight

So, dear readers, a little bit about the vital - winter diseases. Colds, flu, ARVI - what are these terms?

ARVI is an acute viral respiratory infection that can be obtained with air (rarely) or carried with dirty hands on the mucous membrane (more often the eyes). The virus can be weak, damaging the body with weakening of immunity, for example, when you just froze (the so-called cold). Influenza is the result of the action of a more powerful virus, which actively affects the body. In any case, the common cold and the flu are the types of ARVI.

What to do in the initial stage

So, you're sick. The legs are broken, the back hurts, weakness is felt. What can be done:
  • to ensure peace (not always possible, but try not to run anywhere - this is very important);
  • drink more liquid (not lower than room temperature);
  • add ginger, lemon and honey to warm drinks (a powerful stimulant of immunity);
  • there are citrus fruits (vitamin C for colds is simply irreplaceable).
The more peace in the first days of the disease will be achieved, the less will the intensity of its manifestation, the faster the recovery, the probability of complications will decrease.

When the body struggles with the disease, it loses fluid. Drink water, tea, juices, refuse until coffee and soda.

Read books, listen to your favorite music, be inspired, even when you feel bad. Emotional recovery is the key to quick recovery.

Do not drink any medicine earlier than necessary. Start with the products that are familiar to our body, helping to stimulate the natural protective functions of immunity. If the virus is strong, the body temperature will rise. The higher the temperature, the more the organism struggles with the virus environment, trying to get rid of it. But do not forget, than at more than 38.5 you need to sound an alarm, take antipyretics and go to the doctor.

An important point: antibiotics do not help to destroy viruses - they are called to stop the development of bacteria and contribute to their destruction. If you immediately resort to taking antibiotics, a favorable bacterial environment will be destroyed, which will cause the virus to get deeper, and then it will be more difficult to get rid of it.

You can start taking antiviral drugs and immunomodulators, but the effectiveness of the first and second is still not proven.

You need to knock down the temperature above 38.5. While she is short, be patient. The body is struggling. If you drink antipyretic before the time, it will slow the healing process.

In the risk zone: when to call an ambulance

When the time comes epidemics, doctors recommend immediately to go to the ambulance when symptoms of influenza appear.

So, it's time to call a doctor if:
  • The temperature rose above 39 degrees, and quickly;
  • The temperature is not confused with antipyretic drugs after the first intake;
  • too bad health;
  • chest pain.
The latter can cause pneumonia - remember, it is this ailment that becomes one of the main, at the same time, most dangerous complications of most powerful viruses.

Life after the flu

After a complicated illness, permanent colds may occur. This is a sign that the body is weakened, so the immunity does not cope with the pathogens. Drink vitamin complexes, eat garlic, citrus, diversify the diet with dried fruits, nuts, cereals, do not forget to drink more water.

It is easier to get sick again if the air in the room, where a person is for a long time, is too dry. Why is this happening? In winter, we include heating. Without it, in any way, but any artificial heating dehydrates. As a result, the nasopharynx loses some of the beneficial microflora that prevents the development of bacteria and the penetration of viruses. The solution is the purchase of an air humidifier, the use of aerosols.

If possible, give up Naphthyzin and other drugs that are used to relieve the symptoms of a stuffy nose. It is better to buy an oil based product. Naphthyzine is not just addictive and narrows the vessels, but, again, it dries out the mucous membrane.

Vaccination against influenza - at what stage is it needed? Doctors recommend to have time for vaccination in the pre-epidemiological period. Pay attention to the origin of the drug - where the vaccine is from, consult your doctor beforehand. Some drugs are considered more successful, others are worse. This is known to doctors and pharmacists. After vaccination, you can immediately get sick, with the same flu from which it was made. The person easily tolerates the disease, receives antibodies and no longer risks taking up the disease in a public place.

By the way, vaccination complexes almost always protect against several strains, previously selected by virologists as potentially dangerous for the next season. As a rule, vaccination is allowed even during an epidemic, but it is necessary for a person or not - to solve it.

And what about vaccination? Have you previously been vaccinated, are you ready to repeat the procedure? Share with your readers your experiences in the comments.
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