Slavic horoscope for women for 2019 of the Soaring Eagle

In March, the Slavs come New Year 2019. It happens on the 22nd. On this day, the year changes and the Eagle Soaring is the symbol. All Slavs celebrate equinox and think what 2019 year will bring them. The predictions for the year of the Soaring Eagle can hardly be called a Slavic horoscope, but for many the word "horoscope" sounds more familiar.

Dark Soh (Elk)

Dark Soh will not have conflicts with the Eagle. For Elk in 2019, it will be extremely difficult to determine your desires and purpose. However, if he can pull himself together, then things will go up. The horoscope for the year of the Soaring Eagle promises them success, but on the condition that they make every effort and concentrate on their goal.

Stinging Hornet (Wasp)

A wasp in the year of the Soaring Eagle can lose its promotion because of its causticity and lack of tact. If the Stinging Hornet learns to control its language, then things will go up and 2019 will delight financial well-being. Raising a career will be possible thanks to new acquaintances, so you should look at both and not let the opportunity.

Lurk Lut (Wolf)

In 2019, Fiery Wolf awaits conflicts and disagreements with friends. He should be patient and not be led by emotions. All offenses will be forgotten, and good friends are worth their weight in gold. According to the Slavic horoscope, the Wolf will have to show dog loyalty and for a while forget about arrogance. then in all spheres of life it will be possible to maintain balance. Talk less about the behavior of others and more watch your own reputation.

Fire Veksha (Squirrel)

The beginning of the year of the soaring eagle for squirrel will not be particularly successful. However, if we draw conclusions about our mistakes, then the situation can be quickly rectified, and the finances multiplied. The rest of the year, Slavic predictions promise Vakshe luck and incredible luck. One has only to enjoy easy achievements and catch the rhythm of life events.

Pearl Pike

In the year of the Soaring Eagle, Pike has every chance to meet his love and create a marriage. Relationships with family Schuk also improve and improve. In other areas it is worth being careful and evaluating each event is very critical. According to Slavic predictions in 2019, there is a high probability of betrayal and deceit that will change life.

Bearded Toad

In 2019, the Bearded Toad will be the most confident in their desires. This will only play into her hands and open up many possibilities. Everything will be doable and will not take much strength from Toad. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the details and not to miss anything. Even the smallest details can play a cruel joke.

Wild Boar (Boar)

This year, the Slavic horoscope promises the Wild Boar a close relationship with the Bearded Toad. Most likely, it will be a professional and business sphere. Such cooperation will bring good results. In general, the year will be very successful and the right decisions will come to the bright head of the Boar themselves.

White Owl

A white eagle owl per year of a soaring eagle risks falling under the evil influence of someone else’s envy. You should not spread much about your success and parade your happiness. You can run into a bad person who does not disdain and black magic to harm the wise and successful Filin.

Hissing Already

The greatest success will be waiting this year for creative representatives of the totemic Already. They will make their goals a reality and will be a success. The rest, more mundane, need to work for the welfare of their own well-being. It will not be easy. But the stick in the wheel Soaring Eagle will not put.

Crouching fox

A soaring Eagle promises the cunning Fox even more intrigues and conspiracies in which he will participate. This will not do him good. To achieve your goals, you should try using other methods. Otherwise, you can fall into your own trap. The soaring Eagle doesn’t really like those who cheat and play by the rules.

Curled hedgehog

In all areas of activity, the Hedgehog will be all stable and completely unchanged. At the same time, the love front will delight the variety of passions and storms. Year of Soaring Eagle promises fascinating novels and a new wave in already established relationships. The main thing is not to play and not forget about their other responsibilities. During the year everything will be sweet and smooth. There will be no deceptions and betrayals in love.

Spinning Mizgir (Spider)

According to the horoscope for 2019, the Spider can achieve success only in a team game. In all endeavors it is better to enlist the support of friends and colleagues. It's time to develop leadership skills and organize all around. The main thing is not to fly out of the circle and stay on top of the organized pyramid until the end.

Screaming cock

Realization of the goals conceived can only be hampered by emotional instability. If the Screaming Rooster does not prevail over the nervous system, he risks losing all plans. In the year of the Soaring Eagle, it is better not to rely heavily on your emotions and more often listen to the advice of friends and relatives. In general, the year does not bear anything bad and has prepared some pleasant surprises.

Glorious Tour (Bull)

The main obstacle for the Golden Bull is its own stubbornness and uncompromising. Such an approach can break not only love relationships, but also interfere with your career. In the year of the Soaring Eagle, the Bull will have to learn diplomacy and begin to go to meet dear people. Otherwise, you can stay at the broken trough all alone.

Firemane Horse

In the year of the Soaring Eagle, the Horse will remember the idea that was once invented and decide to embody it. Oddly enough, the case will burn out and bring improved financial position and personal satisfaction.

The most successful horoscope in 2019 will be the Eagle soaring. Totem animal can count on any indulgence from the symbol of the year. The main thing is not to be afraid of anything and act.
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