Myostimulation in the struggle for weight loss

Such procedures as muscle myostimulation, designed to improve the shape and weight, are offered not only in cosmetology clinics. In ordinary beauty salons, where cosmetologists work with medical education, these areas are also practiced.

About efficiency

Mystimulation for weight loss is a procedure lasting approximately an hour, during which several groups of muscles are affected by electrical impulses. First select one group, then another. Some devices allow you to provide immediate impact on the abdominal area, legs or other points on the client's choice. Of course, you need to work with each procedure consistently, one by one, in order to get a real effect.

However, it is fair to say that myostimulation is not a panacea, and excess weight will not melt too much, as many girls want. For efficiency to be highest, you need to attend the procedure on a regular basis. It is advisable to monitor food, refuse bread, sugar, replace traditional store sweets with dried fruits, nuts.

Despite the fact that the work of muscles will be activated during the session, it is still better to continue walking in the gym. If you have not used the services of a personal trainer before, now this is especially important. All methods together will give a real result.

By the way, you may be interested in the fact that microcurrents affect not just the muscles in general, but the deepest structures that are not involved in sports. Therefore, the benefits in any case will be palpable.

What effect can you expect? Passive weight loss with preservation of a habitual way of life, a mode of a dream, a food and impellent activity leads to decrease in volumes on 2-5 centimeters for a full course consisting of 10 sessions. If you add sports, reduce the level of calorie intake, refuse harmful products, the result will be enormous - a loss of 7-10 kilograms for a month. Myostimulation acts like a massage - it activates metabolic processes, accelerates metabolism.

Choose the venue

You can choose from two main options. The first - an appeal to the center of cosmetology or cosmetology clinic, which, most likely, works on professional expensive equipment. The second - a trip to a simple beauty salon, where there is a cosmetologist's office. The first option will be more expensive, the second will save you money. Depending on the financial possibilities, make a choice.

Choose a beauty salon with caution. The cosmetologist should have a medical education, because to connect to your body the device will not be as horrible, but through the right places. If you make a mistake, you can do much harm.

In some gyms are offered to do myostimtsiulyatsiya with a personal trainer, and combined with physical activity. For many, this is not easy, although very effective.

How many procedures it is better to pass

The standard course consists of 10 procedures. Many experts advise to increase to 15 sessions, for which the result will be more tangible.

For efficiency to be noticed, do not forget to weigh in before the first procedure and, most importantly, to measure the parameters of the body - thighs, waist, chest, leg girth. After the course is completed, repeat the measurements.

The action of the device is aimed at stimulating the muscles, which slightly increase in size. Muscles weigh more than fatty tissue, so the scales on the scales do not always reflect the effectiveness. Assess yourself externally, look at the reflection, compare the appearance of "before" and "after".

Careful Customer Notes

Notice which apparatus for myostimulation is installed in the room. Before you buy a set of procedures, look on the internet for feedback on the device.

The couch should be covered with a special disposable coating, which the master puts on the surface and cleans up after you leave.

Important nuance - ask a specialist if he is carrying out an anti-cellulite wrap with a good professional cream. It is better if two procedures are not interleaved, but combined. First, myostimulation is done, then wrapping.

Sensations during the procedure

Stimulation by currents should not cause painful sensations - if they are, you need to ask a specialist to move the connection points slightly. At the first procedure a person gets used to the apparatus, feels a small press.

Begin the procedure with low power, then increase it depending on individual tolerability. It is quite normal if in one place you want to put lower power than in the other - the sensitivity is different everywhere.

That sensations were not unpleasant, it is necessary not to worry, to come on procedure in a quiet state. Wait for the result after the first procedure does not make sense - it will begin to manifest itself at least after 4 sessions.

Myostimulation is useful for health, but there are contraindications for this procedure. However, losing weight in a month with microcurrents is quite realistic, even if you continue to lead the old way of life.

And what about passive weight loss techniques?
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