How to wear charms?

Charms today are becoming a status jewel, feeling style and paying attention to their image. Charm is not just an accessory, it is a competent and bright opportunity to shade your clothes and actions with the help of expressive jewelry.

Moreover, the charm in ancient times served as a talisman and amulet: each of them was made according to an individual sketch and carried a secret meaning. The tradition has not been lost to this day: the charms presented in our store have their own character and are the amulet of certain spheres of life. However, earlier wearing charms fell into disrepair and for some time such decorations were not so popular.

How to wear charms?

Now many have a question: how to wear this accessory? There are two ways to use this decoration:

Addition to the bracelet

Design and bright charm is quite self-sufficient as the only part of the bracelet. The jewelry plays the role of a bead: it has a special hole in which the bracelet thread is passed. Thus, the charm attracts attention and looks great with leather thread.

One of the details of the bracelet

If you do not like concise jewelry, then you can make your own original bracelet from a variety of charms. It is also additional bonuses, because each charm means something and carries a secret meaning. And wearing many accessories at once, you will feel the magic of charms together. In addition, such a decoration just will not go unnoticed!

The main thing that should be in the charm - its uniqueness, exclusivity. After all, as we have said, this is not just an ornament, but a real talisman. The choice of charm must be approached with all seriousness.
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