10 psychological tricks that will ease your life

It’s quite simple to get the interlocutor's position - you only need attention and some psychological tricks.

Each of us would like to simplify relations with others, to please everyone, to impress strangers. That is why there are several interesting psychological tricks. Like any other psychology technique, use these guidelines carefully.

Ask for a little favor

If you need to get some action from a stranger, first ask for something small — for example, borrow a book or file a pen. In such a situation, the person thinks that if he responds to your request, you will willingly do the same for him and, as a result, are more willing to communicate and work together.

Always ask for more

Ask the person to do much more than necessary, or do something ridiculous. Most likely, the person will refuse - and then it is safe to voice the initial request with less requirements. Thus, the person feels obligated because of the refusal and agrees to a more reasonable offer faster.

Contact your buddy by name

A proper name for a person sounds very nice and uttered aloud as if confirms the belonging to the interlocutor. This technique allows you to endear the interlocutor with the help of positive emotions. In the same way, you can set up a person in a certain way, calling him a friend or a boss.


Another way to gain trust in a person is to flatter him. Everyone strives for harmony between the inner and the outer, so for people with high self-esteem, flattery will be a confirmation of inner thoughts and set them to a positive attitude towards you. However, if a person has low self-esteem, then obvious flattery will look like a mockery. Do not overdo it with compliments and you will definitely get the necessary support.

Be a mirror

During the conversation, many people unconsciously apply this method, copying the gestures and manners of the interlocutor. People tend to trust more those who are like them - so during a conversation, try to be as careful as possible to the movements of the interlocutor. As a rule, after such a conversation, a person is for some time under the influence of positive emotions and is inclined to positively relate to others.

Fatigue is the best trump card

When a person is tired, he is more inclined to perceive the words of the interlocutor and agree to fulfill the requests. As a rule, in this case, the interlocutor agree on everything - but the next day, and in the morning with fresh forces, he will necessarily fulfill the request to prevent psychological discomfort.


If you want to gain the trust of a person, repeat his thoughts - exactly or paraphrasing. This technique is often used by psychotherapists. As a rule, it is better to formulate the phrase just said in the form of a question - this will demonstrate your interest and attention to the conversation.


If during a conversation you nod, the interlocutor perceives it as agreement with his point of view. Nod throughout the conversation - in the end you will be able to convince a person that he is right enough easily.

Keep calm

If during the dispute the interlocutor will raise his voice on you, keep yourself in hand. At first, the interlocutor will be emotional and your neutrality may make him more angry, but then he will be embarrassed and the argument will most likely end in your favor.

Start good

This method works both in relation to new acquaintances, and dating. When you first meet, take a person to a nice cozy place - and pleasant impressions about him will be associated with you. You can also replace the cozy cafe with a roller coaster and unconsciously adrenaline rush and excitement will send the thoughts of a partner to you, and not to the attraction.
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