4 bouquet to March 8, which may not like the ladies

March 8 is nearing, the day when ladies are waiting for cherished bouquets from men. Gorgeous roses, charming tulips, delicate mimosa, houseplants and even instances of vegetables are in a hurry to please the women on holiday. And, of course, the young ladies are happy for each manifestation of attention from the strong half of humanity, but sometimes the ladies are unhappy. So what bouquets cause our irritation, and when does this happen? We learn from the article.

Dear Executive Bouquet

The opinions of men and women about which flowers are worthy of donation do not coincide. For example, a spouse thinks that presenting local roses, faded chamomiles, boring daffodils, or unremarkable room primroses is unpresentable. For him, flowers are an investment of labor and material means. It is not surprising that a man will choose long-legged Dutch roses or another expensive bouquet.

A gorgeous bouquet is wonderful, but sometimes you dream of your favorite field daisies!

But sometimes you get tired of these magnificent structures, and the soul requires banal tulips, freesias or fragrant mimosa branches. And it happens that you have been faithful to a faithful for fifteen years, that you love mono-bouquets, and that he has been giving you the same copies of inhuman beauty for a year.

Flowers on a hill

Here is another scenario - the husband read in his wife's horoscope that people born in November are supposed to give yellow chrysanthemums. It is as if these flowers bring love, happiness, well-being and prosperity to Scorpios. And since then, this familiar bouquet without smell and charm gets a spouse for every holiday. And it's not so important whether she likes him or not. The main thing is what the stars say.

A bouquet, selected by the horoscope, annoying! I want something new!

But one day, a husband unexpectedly presents chic burgundy tulips to a beloved woman. The young lady is sure that something is wrong here. That's right, because the bouquet was originally bought by the boss, but she went on a business trip. Do not disappear the same colors, thinks the head of the family. And it seems that these are no longer yellow chrysanthemums, but still there is no complete satisfaction.


Some men are convinced that orchids, azaleas, kalanchoe and other potted plants are the most worthwhile gift to any woman. They are confident that such instances delight with their beauty for a long time, while cut flowers are a waste of money. However, not all the representatives of the weaker sex like to mess with houseplants, and not everyone succeeds. As a result, the rhododendron dies, the ficus fades, and the begonia does not bloom.

Potted flowers rationally give those who love to care for them!

Although the situation depends on the man himself. When you bring potted flowers from the heart, you are more likely to grow lush and healthy. If you give the plant indifferently, then the care of the hostess will not always save the gift from inevitable death.

Edible bouquet

Yes, today it is fashionable to create all kinds of bouquets of sweets, vegetables, fruits and even soft toys. Do not argue, it is original and appetizing. But not everyone is suitable for this design due to health and food preferences. For example, what will happen if allergy sufferers present a bouquet of exotic fruits, and vegetarians a meat delicacy facility?

A bouquet of confectionery will please sweet teeth, but it will harm diabetics!

In addition, it is important to quickly eat such gifts or put them in the fridge so that they do not deteriorate. As a result, you disassemble a grocery bouquet in parts: there is meat with vegetables, but there is no gift. Well, at least the candy tree pleases longer than other creations.

Dear women, let's not take everything to heart and ignore the bouquets presented by men on a holiday. We will be glad about everything that will be presented to us, because the main thing is attention. And if you want a loved one, relative or colleague to please you, hint to him about your desire.

Happy holiday, ladies!
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