Bachelorette: how to have fun

Hen party - the oldest tradition. It comes from the depths of Kievan Rus.

In accordance with ancient traditions, gifts for the groom and his family were prepared during the hen party. The girls were guessing. Only the closest friends gathered. Bachelorette party was not a fun holiday. This is the farewell of the bride to the carefree life in the parental home, with her friends and. etc.

In our time, hen party - a fun holiday. And it is better to spend a few days before the wedding. The girls see off their maiden life, dancing, communicating, generally relaxing. The main thing is not to spy on the bachelor party. During a bachelorette party, the bride is presented with a completely new and old one, which was used by things and borrowed some kind of thing. You can choose something that is useful in family life or honeymoon. A gift corresponding to the place where the hen party will be held, a gift corresponding to hobbies and hobbies, a gift certificate for a certain amount. All this is included in the wedding dress.

How to celebrate a bachelorette party

Bachelorette party is organized in order to have fun and trust each other girlish secrets. The main thing that this evening would not become sad and sad. Married forcibly not dragged. Ancient traditions are not all respected. Only a few are currently being watched.

The place for the bachelorette party is chosen by a girlfriend or girlfriends. They arrange and pay. The hen party is a holiday for the bride. Therefore, representatives of the stronger sex (except the bartender, waiter) do not participate in the holiday. It is necessary to organize a bachelorette party, taking into account the taste preferences of the bride, do not invite persons who have unfriendly relations with the bride to the bachelorette party. Let fewer people, but they are true friends.

Often brides themselves organize a hen party. Therefore, it is easier for her. She chooses a place, time. There are special organizations or organizers, they deal with this issue. Write the script, looking for performers. For a bachelorette party, an idea is needed. Discuss the issue of payment without hesitating with those who will take part in the bachelorette party. Bachelorette party will be more interesting if it will be held in a game and competitive form. Games and competitions must be prepared by friends, and the hostess is preparing for the guests.

For example:
  • Gather your husband. Photos of familiar men and the groom cut into pieces. The bride should collect the image of the groom.
  • Get to know your girlfriend. Several children's photos of girlfriends. The bride must know who is depicted on them.
  • Durability test. Girlfriends should try to dissuade the bride to get married.
  • Shred the beans. This will require pans, Chinese sticks, beans, peas.
  • Princess on the beans. Chair, items, towels.
  • Fanta. Task written on the sheets. A piece of paper is drawn and the task is carried out.
  • Guess the melody. Make a cut from the melodies and guess the melody on the cutting.
  • Guess who you are. On the leaflets the names of objects, people, animals. Get a sticker and stick it without looking at the forehead, and ask leading questions that are answered yes, no or maybe.
Prizes must be available for winners.

Interesting ideas for a bachelorette party

And the options where to spend a hen party a large number. As in your own kitchen and abroad, the best place for a bachelorette party is where communication takes place without problems. The girl at the bachelorette party says goodbye to her independence, and therefore she must last this evening for the last time.

How to prepare a bachelorette party?

Organizational questions about holding a bachelorette party is better to start in 2 weeks. Bachelorette party is accompanied by the use of large amounts of alcohol and rarely anyone can keep fresh and vigorous the next day. It is necessary to introduce the guests in advance. Assign responsible for organizing a bachelorette party. Experiment in organizing a bachelorette party. Only then, the memories of the bachelorette party will long remain in the soul of the bride and bridesmaids. They will be very bright and warm.
  • Date is assigned;
  • A guest list is being compiled;
  • Fata is bought;
  • A place is chosen;
  • A script is being compiled;
  • Invitations are being prepared;
  • Cake is ordered;
  • Chosen transport.
Signs and superstitions are passed down from generation to generation. For what? For caution. Compliance will allow you to avoid trouble and make life in a new family happy. Signs are bad and good.

Signs for a wedding celebration

  • Slippers. Choose your shoes carefully.
  • The dress. Do not let us try on your wedding dresses
  • Wedding rings. Do not let anyone try on your wedding ring. You can not wear wedding rings before the wedding.
  • The timing of the wedding. The best days for a wedding are odd.
  • Bridal bouquet. The bouquet should consist only of flowers. During the wedding, the bride can give the wedding bouquet to her mom or boyfriend for the time being. Dried bridal bouquet charm in your family. Therefore, it should not be thrown away or given away.
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