Ninja-shuz is shoes with a finger, only and only

And wherever he goes - in search of gear is not like everyone and a good mood.

When I was a little bored

Well, let's say that there is nothing to shock now in terms of clothes. And for some reason it seems to me that the experiment on dressing came to an end in the summer, when young girls suddenly massively used skirts on the floor.

It seems, when the hem touched the ankles, it became clear that now everything was already certain. And then suddenly began to return to the 90's with their bare navels. Next came the 80's with high jeans waist. And then all this was nicely savored with retro accessories. And very cool, I believe.

Now everyone, who though occasionally visits shops with clothes, has some very different styles for all occasions. So there are not so many methods to soriginalnichat, if they exist at all.

Take, for example, shoes. There is no taboo for a long time, and therefore it almost ceased to be of interest for those wishing to have fun. Well, except that the jackboots above the knees are still the lot of the chosen - the owners of exceptionally slender legs and unobstructed views. And in the rest: carry what you want - and feast, and in the world, and in good people. No one holds you back, because everyone saw everything and everyone has everything.

Here, let's say, I love sneakers. Preferably on the platform.

Here they are, my beauty

When the shoes, which combine a solid sole with a height of 3-4 cm and a rag top, appeared again in the store windows, I had fun for exactly one season. Having sprung in these sneakers for several months and ripping them into the trash, I realized that I was not looking for anything else. But when I bought exactly the same, all the same sad: really for me there will never be anything better?

Spoiler: Of course it will. Always happens

However, we return to the initial statement about the fact that there is nothing to shock. In my opinion, when it comes to clothing, by and large there are only two ways to shock. One is associated with the amount of clothing, the other with its shape.

In the first case, they go either along the path of stripping, risking (or wanting?) To appear in public in a negligee. Or, on the contrary, they are packed in a hundred clothes, which, strangely enough, causes the surrounding people not less emotions than a large number of naked bodies.

And in order to plunge passers-by into a really unusual form of their clothing, you just have to break this very form. To break in this case means to enter into a dispute with Mother Nature, stating that the human body might look different. For example, pants with "motley" - a vivid example of this. And riding breeches, by the way, too from there. Visually increasing volumes where they should not be in any case, people necessarily get out of the general number, than irritate or please - who as is adjusted.

Tabi - not a taboo or Show me where you have your thumb, baby!

Just about the form and sneakers-ninja. They were my lucky find. And in order to understand how they look, you need to mentally connect tabi, sneakers and what we usually call shales or Vietnamese.

Tabi is when the thumb is separate from the rest. A sort of glove for the legs. Just like the man in the picture.

Someone in tabi socks

What is a flip-flop with slates to tell exactly no one needs. Kedy on the platform, too, saw everything.

And when one, the second and the third become a single whole, the ninja-shuz appears, they are sneakers with a finger.

The mitten on the leg for some reason immediately gives rise to associations with amphibians and, as a result, a lot of rejection and noticeably less enthusiasm. It is all the more insulting that the tabi are not any invention of the last few years and we inherited from the Japanese, or rather the real ninjas. They simply transformed a little and became even more beautiful, more convenient and modern.

By the way, we sell and, therefore, wear ninja-shoes already a long time ago. Personally, they met me in public in Russia, for a minute, in the depths of another 10 years ago. But I fell in love with them not earlier than this summer. And why? Yes, because it turned out that the tabi on the platform, besides the plague colors, exist! And they could not not exist.

It remains only to get them. This is in the next series.
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