Features of makeup for green-eyed women

Several centuries ago, green-eyed women were considered witches and witches. This is due to the incredible seductiveness of the look of such beauties. Even now, girls with green eyes have not lost their charm. In addition, these people try to emphasize it through cosmetic means. For example, the right choice of shadows, mascara and eyeliner can make a real miracle with the eyes of this shade. This is exactly what will be discussed below.

Features of day makeup

Despite the fact that the green color of the eyes is something middle between the gray and blue eyes, the essence of the makeup for them is slightly different. It is believed that beauties with such eyes perfectly fit purple and pink hues. It may seem that in this case it will not be possible to make everyday make-up, but this is not so. Experience says that the optimal make-up for green-eyed women is a soft and "fresh" make-up. So the pinkish scale can easily be shifted to lipstick or blush, making the eye area neutral.

Quite nice looks and makeup based on beige tones. Remember that the main rule of daytime makeup for green-eyed beauties is the extremely discreet choice of shadows of pastel colors with black ink and thin hands.

Features of evening make-up

Green eyes are undesirable to overload with dark shades. If you want to give them expressiveness, then you can put on all the eyelid shadows of marsh shade. However, girls with a swarthy skin can pick up and some more juicy color of shadows.


Owners of tanned skin can confidently use olive and greyish shadows in combination with light brown blush and lipstick beige.

Girls with light skin gray shades will not do, as the pallor of the face will be emphasized and create a tired look.

Do not be afraid to use pearl and lilac shades. The eyes of the green color favorably look in combination with cold or golden colors.

Any green-eyed beauty will intuitively understand what make-up to choose in its own color, and recommendations always present general tips.
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